Just got my first Luster Pods... goodbye 510's.

  1. I haven't tried luster pods yet. But awhile back i bought a yocan uni pro to use with the 510 carts. Using the uni really improved using the carts and i am satisfied. Are the luster pods better than a good cart with the uni? Also it looks like these pods would leave alot of oil behind. You cant stand them up straight? Is this an issue?

  2. I just took apart 3 of my spent luster pods, and each one had such little residual oil. It ended up being less than a quarter of a grain of rice and wasn’t worth all the work of taking it apart and scraping it. The reflections and shape of the pod make it appear that there is more oil leftover than there really is. 510s usually leave more leftover oil. I was pleasantly surprised.

  3. i don’t really see a big big difference between the live resin pods and the co2 ones just because both are so good. that’s why i stick to klutch and grow ohio cuz they have the literal best

  4. Yeah the terpenes are so good on the normal pods it’s hard to justify the extra $15 when I’m using two a week. Don’t get me wrong the live resin ones are great, it’s just the regular ones are so good already.

  5. I really like the white truffle. Let me know what you think of that versus the others. I want to try the blueberry vintage sometime.

  6. RE: White Truffle. Fantastic indica. It’s got a pleasant, earthy taste, like Gorilla Glue on meth in terms of the effect. My eyes are completely dry with this pod… no 510 has ever kicked my ass like these pods.

  7. Wow… I took a hit of the White Truffle two hours ago that I’m zonked out of my mind. Which bears to ask… how are the pods - resin and CO2 - so much harder hitting?

  8. klutch puts the same oil into their luster and 510 and I buy both regularly, they provide the same effects. It really depends what companies you're talking about. A klutch pod isn't going to provide greater effects than a klutch 510, but either will give much greater effect than say a Select brand 510.

  9. Taking my first drag of the TCC, I coughed less. When the high kicked in, it felt like I smoked hash, or had a ton of edibles. You taper down the same way from a 510, but it's smoother, easier to identify the flavor, and boom.

  10. Lol dude... you have no fucking idea what you're missing out on Jesus. I literally feel bad for you. Buy a luster pod and battery.

  11. Lusters used to be the best until I got a yocan uni pro, grow ohio had the best oil in the program and it’s sad they only sell pods the luster burns stuff to hot for my likeing.

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