How easy is it to get MMJ card?

  1. Remember that these guys offer your money back if you don't get it. Think about it -- they don't get paid unless you are approved.

  2. Ohio cannabis connection ✊💯 No documents, virtual visit , money back guarantee & very fast. I paid my fees on Saturday morning, got approved Sunday morning & purchased from a dispensary Sunday evening. Don't waste the money on a medical marijuana card hard copy. I purchase from Rise Dispensary & they printed & laminated me a card for free.

  3. Extremely easy, like pitifully easy. I used a website called nuggmd hahaha. Had a 30 second video call with some random doctor actively walking around a hospital wing who said “so you’ve got some pain” I say, “uh.. yeah?” He says “okay I’ll go ahead and approve this” and it was done. I bought medical weed that night.

  4. on my renewal appointment, the first thing the doctor said was, "I've sent your recommendation over to the State", I had uploaded medical records, etc, but still, like you say, pitifully easy.

  5. Super easy with a qualifying condition. is usually the cheapest. I went through Ohio Cannabis Connection. Same day telehealth appointment, same day card.

  6. We found this 4’ water bong in the trunk of your car, we have copies of your Reddit logs, are you going to tell me you didn’t come here planning to get high?

  7. Extremely. It’s pay to play here in Ohio. Search the sub but there are lots of virtual options. If you have the $ it’s almost a guarantee

  8. It is a de facto recreational state. You just need a documentable reason for the state to say yeah okay this guy can have some. They list I think 22 conditions on their website you hook up with a company like Ohio cannabis connections or someone like that. They'll make those conditions work in your behalf. You just got to pay your money and take your chances.

  9. I've been diagnosed with both ADHD and I've been prescribed antidepressants in my youth, would that count? I don't take medications for either any more, but they are documented. (I however do not have said documents on me as it was some time ago)

  10. Can’t wait til I’m 21 and I can get my own card and not have others get shit for me from the dispensary … goodluck on getting yours … n I take that bacc I can wait to be 21 🤦‍♂️ god please keep me young :/

  11. groupon / leafwell . real easy. no medical records. 2 min video call . had mine in 30 mins from start to finish. do you have any chronic pain, or "reoccurring pain" lol.

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