is chizle any good? they got real good deals at a dispensary I go to. but prices make it seem questionable. lol

  1. Worth if you’re literally broke and can’t afford anything else. I’d only choose it over street bud, and even then there’s some guys that have better pack than that. Otherwise pass at all costs

  2. The only flower strain from them that I liked so far is Skunkberry. Other than that, I only get their lotion because the sample jars are cheap and last me a while.

  3. completely serious- Chizle is the one company we know for sure remediates their shit weed. They put it through a process to basically make it passable enough (it would otherwise fail due to microbial content) to sell to us patients for medical use which is unacceptable. They have never had flower of the correct humidity in my experience and none of the reviews from people here who have purchased more than a couple products and know better have ever said anything positive about Chizle.

  4. It's fucking choko in disguise. It sucks. I got 2 ounces of what they are branding AS choko now because they were like 130 each. I was just making oil. Shits wjack even under those circumstances. I saved a little of their stick buns but I bet it's gonna suck. I got a 10th of botanist mob boss from verdant today for 26 bucks and it's fire. Much much better stuff out there... even in Ohio.

  5. All of the flower from them has been extremely dry which is a shame because the skunkberry and the gelato cake both had nice terps and decent effects. They have potential if they ever sort out their curing/drying.

  6. Truthfully I had the half of the skunkberry in the yellow bag about a month ago and I loved it. Try using a bevedo pack in it next time total game changer on all bud

  7. I have not tried their recent drops. I will say they have half ozs of flower for very good prices. My experience with them was okay. Not amazing but honestly for the price I would say it's a deal. The effects were good just really dry and crispy. Would be perfect to make edibles for the price. They're mids but not awful.

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