Gorilla Nut - Galenas

  1. Dual og sucked was dry treated nothing like a og and the effects were weak but I'm not a bannana og lover anytime in going this gorilla nut is better

  2. Very gassy, strong indica. You can tell they actually cured this flower, gives a strong smack of skunk when you open the bag. $28 on sale.

  3. When you say it smells of skunk do you mean it actually smells like when you drive by a skunk thats been run over on the road? I've been looking for something that smells skunky for a couple years now and every time someone suggests something to me it doesn't actually smell like skunk =P

  4. We must've hit the same sale, I picked up G. Nut, Blueberry Cookies, Duel OG, and Second Breakfast but haven't tried them all. The gorilla for me was a creeper -- felt weak AF at first but definitely hits you in the face after 10-15 min.

  5. I hate the name bro lmaooo. Always makes me think of a different kinda nut πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ sorry I’ll leave ahha

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