Best Ohio Strain For Mornings & Best Strain For Laughing At A Movie Then Going To Sleep???

  1. Thank you. I almost picked up White Truffle today but went with something else. D Star is pretty great too. It's in my stash right now. That will not last very long though. I've been curious about Tally Mon for so long but i think i need to move that up my list. Insomnia is no fun... I'm so happy that you've found strains that help with your Fibromyalgia. That's a really tough thing to deal with. It always makes me really happy to hear that people are getting some relief!

  2. For me it would be Super Sour Orange or Orange 43 for mornings, Super Lemon Haze or Robots for laughing at a movie then settling into relax mode. Lemon Dosidos to get the muchies, eat a snack then get zonked. Bio Jesus if I want to sleep without having the munchies first.

  3. I've never seen Bio Jesus. Where have you picked that up? Sounds like exactly what i want to help with sleep. The strains that I use now to sleep always make me so hungry.

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