Can anyone help me so at work our plant test came back with lead in how is that possible

  1. BAIT, BAIT, BAIT. Just a salty person at the program trying to get y’all fired up!! No proof or anything of them working for a cultivator or any part of the industry

  2. Ohio has tons of old lead pipes, found out not to long ago that the pipe at the road that brought water to my home was lead. Was informed by the city that just about every pipe in that area was lead. They got a special grant from the state to replace all the lead pipes. But the city has never publicized they have the money available, no do they tell people these pipes are lead. So they are only getting replaced when someone's main breaks. Most of the time the home owner is left paying for the removal because they aren't aware of the grant. Pretty sad really.

  3. Lmfao. This is the state of Ohio cannabis currently. $45 “tenths” with lead because we know these are going to still get processed if an employee is consulting Reddit for help.

  4. Use next time my dude. As someone in the industry I will say this is a bad look. It is most likely a water issue somewhere. Unless you are talking about concentrates after BHO processing then there could be a series of other issues. For future reference I wouldn’t post something like this on a patient driven feed. Hope you get it figured out! PM if you have any questions.

  5. If they grow in coco I bet my bottom dollar this is Certified.. they don’t have a head grower right now so this post would make senses. Lol. Just ask North Coast how much you have to pay for the lead contaminate to magically disappear from the results lol

  6. It would have to be something getting in your coco your plants are taking up. Water with high levels is probably most likely? Unless you guys are running some very unreliable nutes. Do you maybe store the water somewhere where lead could leach in?

  7. Better not be Certified! I'm on my way to pick some up now.. lol.. About to get lead poisoning from smoking bud.. Damn! Hopefully it's Klutch

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