Fell in love with the Pax Pods... now they're few and far between

  1. The dispensaries near me have one or two options at best, and they’re usually not my favorites but also really pricey because all I can find now is live resin. Which is nice but I can’t afford $70 for a half gram when I can get a full gram for $55

  2. I've been able to get them for $40 for a half gram from About Wellness in Lebanon pretty consistently up until now... others around here had them for $50, but now they're all out too.

  3. They really don’t sell well, take up inventory space and the strains are not a great bunch to choose from. That being said I would reach out to management at your dispensary- its usually up to each store what products they’re ordering for stock- if we get requests at my store we try and accommodate our patients whenever we can! Hope this helps!

  4. Thank you! I didn't know they took requests. I will give them a call! I'm surprised they don't sell well, everytime I'm in there we always chat about how much we love the Pax... maybe I just always get the few that do haha

  5. The forest had them for $10 clearing them out. 1g pax pods are on the way I’ve heard from a standard rep so it might be dry for pax pods leading up to that.

  6. Yeah I was thankful to get 4 from the one in Springfield a couple weeks ago when they were 19, I was going to stock up again this Friday and they were out...... aaand so was everyone else.

  7. Look into 100% labs, they're doing Pax Pods in Ohio now. Standard is the only other cultivator that makes them that I'm aware of. Happy hunting! ✌️❤️🌳

  8. 100 Percent Labs is also making them for Ohio, but I haven’t tried their oil so I can’t say whether or no they are worth it.

  9. Yea they sell out here in MA hella fast. The prices have dropped at least. I’ve gotten them for $35 for distillate here and it’s like $50-65 for live

  10. I'm a 32yo mom, my days of long rips and big hits are gone. I've got to think discreet and cost effective haha. I find myself habitually hitting my pen when I'm sitting at home and I blow through the Luster Pod even when taking baby hits. I turn my pax down to 500 degrees and a pod will last me 7 days or more.

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