cheapest place to renew my med card ? ( my recommendation) really don’t want to pay $120

  1. Check Elevate Holistic there renewal is $75 & $50 state fee.also Check Groupon because I seen on there here recently they were offering $68 for renewal I have seen other offers too. Also check Elevate Holistic Facebook page because there was a $5 off coupon on their page for renewal. But there was also I think a $10 coupon for a first timers getting there card. Elevate Holistic is very simple and easy to work with they're very friendly and helpful And you do everything on online via text and email to appointments video call. I just renewed so I did the research to find the cheapest but it's looking to be if you do online(most places) the average in Ohio for renewal is about $75 for the visit for renewal and then of course you're $50 for the state fee unless you're indigent then it's only $25. If you are indigent you have to send the state your paperwork via email and get approved for that prior to paying your fee If you do it after you pay your fee you won't get a refund. I learned the hard way last year. Renewal is so much simpler than your first initial appointment to get your card due to the fact you have your profile already set up with the state. The only profile you'll have to do is for the doctors if you change.

  2. Got mine done with Ohio Cannabis connection for $100 and had my renewal in 2 hours after my Appt. Would totally recommend

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