Holy terps Batman! $160 out the door at rise. 3.36g of Orange 43 Glaciers and sauce

  1. Hope we can get some of those down in Cbus! Those terps! I got flippin' goosebumps lol Thanks for posting! ✌️❤️🌳

  2. The way they have the terpenes could be a little confusing if you compare it quickly to other products. That 287.95 mg of Terpinolene is the total mg for the entire 3.36g package. It's not mg/g like many of the flower labels are packaged.

  3. Dude that’s an incredible number for a single terpene in an extract. The Myrcene is about 4.4% and THAT would be great even if it was the top terp.

  4. That is an insane number for a single terpene. That’s just one single terpene out of the whole profile. Stupefyingly high. Probably tastes insane.

  5. I’m new. Wtf do you do with this? It seems like I keep finding new ways to get medicated. 2295 mg of thc? Like, would you eat all this at once. I’ve done 400mg at once but this seems like wtf

  6. These are dabs. They are meant to be heated, vaporized, and inhaled. There are special devices and rigs to use it so you get the most out of. You could add it to flower and vape/smoke it out of a flower vape device but it's not the most efficient and you'll end up with a mess. It works best alone imo.

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