Farkas Blueberry Muffin and under cure...again

  1. Same thing with the 37.4% lemon sunset og as far as the smell, taste, and even grinder issue. But the effects were there for sure

  2. purchased yesterday at botanist akron and noticed the bag was packaged 2 days ago. opened the bag to no aroma at all, maybe corn flakes or hay at the most. sad they use these bags to cure their buds. goes back to my thoughts on humidity control agents taking away aroma and flavor from the flower. effects were good, but i'm throwing it in a jar for a month to see if anything changes. luckily i have other buds to work on, but i would be pissed if not.

  3. I got some of there supreme diesel and had the same issue shit was getting gunked up in my grinder cuz it was still wet there bud would be so much better if they just cured it it looks so pretty but has no smell

  4. Yeah every time I’ve bought farkas/bullseye it’s been a disappointment. It was my very first purchase in the program (problem child) which was good but I have bought many strains since (supreme diesel, wonka bar, unicorn cake) and all have smelled like hay and had no flavor which is a complete sham considering they are the most expensive brand a majority of the time

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