Don't buy the ice cream cake that is 24.9 from Columbia Care Monroe, batch was 9 months old brown and barely any smell or taste anymore smh

  1. Ask to look at the jars before you walk out of the store. They will allow you to do it, but generally the dispo employee has to keep it in their hands while you do.

  2. I remember when Klutch was going by Calyx Peak and their bud was fantastic. They've really gone downhill since rebranding IMO.

  3. You caN report it to the state or dispensary. I stopped buying stuff from there because I have gotten burned on old reefer twice

  4. That’s a shame. What was the price? I’m in NW Ohio, close to Michigan. Toledo dispos flower sits on the shelf a long time because Michigan is 10 min away and usually cheaper. I wish dispos would discount more to move out the old and make room for new!

  5. I can’t believe you don’t get to see that first! Sunnyside and Verilife both give you the stuff you ordered and ask you to check it before they check you out. I’ve not visited Columbia Care Monroe before but now I think I’ll just skip it entirely.

  6. Ridiculous. This program sucks. It's not for us it's for people to get rich off us! That's what that says to me. Take your pot and vape it lol. They just think we are druggies

  7. I got ice cream cake from Klutch yesterday. It’s amazing. Great high. Laid back. The Taste and smell is delicious straight gas. Gas ⛽️ prices to.😆. Faded all night. 💪🏻

  8. This happened to me with klutch, but it wasn’t on the dispo. Klutch sold a newly opened dispo old flower that other stores didn’t buy. If a brand can’t sell it to a dispensary off the rip then prices are too high

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