Luster Pod Problem - SOS!

  1. It’s also how hard you’re hitting it when you do, from the start. If you can start lightly and not take extremely long draws and maybe incorporate some air by not fully plugging/covering/sucking the mouthpiece with your lips, I have found this to help stave off the clogging.

  2. It’s the condensation of the concentrate vapor on the tip. So the wax acts as a clogging mechanism and you have to suck hard to get it unclogged at the suck hole. So oil vapor condensates on suck hole, Suck hole gets clogged because oil is sticky and thick, luster pen make sad sound.

  3. Urgh! So is this just something that everyone is dealing with? Are there no tricks besides sucking ultra-hard on it, or heating it? is this an issue with 510 carts? It makes my chest hurt sucking so hard on them to get it unclogged lol

  4. Try cleaning the mouthpiece with alcohol and Q-tip. Otherwise, suck on the Pod before you put it into battery. More airflow, easier to unclog.

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