Im extremely stoked about these baller jars from Klutch. 3.36g for $200 at dispensaries is great. On a sales day I can walk away with this for about $47/g. Seeing as other brands are charging $170-$180 for 1.68g. I see this as a major win!! Thank you Klutch!!! πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

  1. Imo, Ohio charges wayyyy too much. Let’s get some insurance on this shit or lower the prices so I don’t go broke trying to get my medication aye?

  2. Wow, I haven’t seen someone post how much they’ve spent on their medicine thus far. That’s what some people make as a yearly salary. Thank you for posting that.

  3. Consider buying a nug smasher or ect. For 14 grams of flower, you should avg an 8th of rosin..or close to it...initially it's a 400 buck investment but it would def pay for itself.

  4. What strains are you getting a 50 percent yield back in rosin? I'm no expert but I thought flower rosin only yielded 15-25 percent back.

  5. THIS!!! grow and press your own! It's so worth it if you don't care about the governments arbitrary laws over a plant.

  6. Also who ever says you can find better for cheaper in michigan, please point me in the direction of a dispo up there selling $45 diamonds looking like this. Seriously though, because I have only found good rosins and that for $30-40 a g. Ill stick to my ohio program concentrate

  7. Klutch is really out here making moves, you gotta admire it whether you love or hate them. It benefits the patients

  8. If I had only this jar.. maybe a month. But I like to have around 30 grams of hash rosin at all times and about 8-10g of Bho products. Makes a jar like this last 2 months

  9. It's hard enough for some people to get to the dispensary down the road from them, not everybody has a car they can just zip off to Michigan in, or a day they can waste driving across the state.

  10. Anyone else feel like klutch has a lot of talk on here compared to other brands? Heard from former employees that Klutch has their employees post on here constantly as a way around the ohio rules for not having to pay state ad fees on social media.

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