BigHead by Klutch (H)

  1. Used one-hitters to try this one out. I got a brief whiff of a feminine shampoo on the first French inhale. Blows out the nose with aromas of roasted espresso and marshmallow. Juicy. Basically the same terpene (and thus smell in the bag too) profile as Heatlocker. The in-bag aromas are strongly herbal, earthy, not grassy but fresh, very strong, mildly sweet. Not sour, not diesel, not cheesy, nothing weird. Terpene profile deciphers into a nice balanced high with just a sniff of myrcene to balance the uplifting limonene. Also has pain-relieving linalool which can be more sedating when paired with higher levels of myrcene in my experience. Same machine-trimmed close cut buds as most other Klutch strains. Nice and frosty with trichomes nonetheless.

  2. Great review! Really appreciate the thought that went into this. For me, big head is like a gassier version of sherbhead, so I get the heatlocker reference. Sherbhead and ice cream cake are similar in flavor, and ice cream cake is in the lineage of heatlocker while sherbhead is in the lineage of big head. I think if you trade heatlocker’s Chem for gas and dial up the berry you are getting close to big head. It’s just way gassier than ice cream cake, sherbhead, and heatlocker for me. I’ve hit them all and thought they were each way different, but when you compare them and search for it, the similarity is definitely there. Only thing I would add is that I don’t think they are machine trimmed. Klutch is not doing that anymore for any of their flower (silver or gold) last i heard, but they do still like a really close cut (think opposite of rough cut… not sure how to describe it). I think part of what we interpret as machine trim is the close cut plus the large batch sizes they produce. The ends aren’t all buzzed off like normal tumbled/machined weed. Who knows. Either way, great review. Really enjoyed it and love the tasting notes.

  3. Be careful.. Saying Klutch is machine trimmed is like using the lords name in vein around here.. lol.. even if you provide evidence of it. But I agree.

  4. Smoking on some of this currently. The linalool is so nice for joint and stomach pain. Both this and lemon slushee top 2 testing terps are linalool, makes for effective medicine

  5. I really think they have to be using something to get their bud structure so consistent across multiple strains/cultivars. Almost all of their bud I’ve had recently shares very similar bud structure.

  6. Klutch for me has been such a God send I just wish I could afford a vaporizer I just tried orange 43 last time I'll hopefully be able to pick a good order up tomorrow I normally go for a good day weed and a good night I suffer from a lot of pain and eplipsey so it has to hit certain ailments for sure isn't just about getting high but something to help with depression during the day and ptsd and surgery pain in recovery from pain meds I'm a gamer stuck at home with a kid but .stuck at home because I'm actively having to many seizure do to traumatic brain damage

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