Other than having a difficult time opening the box, this Tally Mon luster pod from Firelands is 🔥

  1. Tally mon and salty watermelon are both Fantastic by firelands….. has anyone had the gelatojet fuel pod by them?

  2. I am working on a Gelato Fuel currently. Tasted kind of like their Sour Papaya pod tbh but effects are up there with all the others

  3. Hahahaa.. God damn I feel ya on the packaging of these products sometimes.. You gotta fucking fight the shit and go 5 rounds just to get your meds. lol

  4. That’s where mr cardboard meets mr knife lol. Funny bc sometimes ppl post carts or whatever and in the background you’ll se the box absolutely destroyed lmaooo. Child proof locks are so fucking ridiculous like there’s no fucking kids in my house fam, god I hate our official’s

  5. “Just squeeze and push!” Oh okay! Push where? Squeeze where? What stickers and tape do I need to undo so I can open this fucking thing?! I know it’s childproof/tamper proof. But easier options exist.

  6. I was literally about to review mine. Its good. Taste/terps could be tweaked , but yeah it's still really good. The oil doesn't burn nearly as fast as GO. I have a cake crasher on deck 🤞🏻. I like the flower alot . I Would buy again ( tallymon) on sale for sure though.

  7. Agree, the effects of the Tally Mon pod are outstanding but the taste….well. I’ve had salty watermelon and hope to see some other strains.

  8. Hate me now but I haven’t had anything good terp wise come from them in concentrate. This one looks tantalizing but I wasn’t a fan of the salty watermelon.

  9. I tried this and the salty watermelon, they both tasted like cheap flavored vodka, gave me a headache, and burned my throat, I thought they were absolutely terrible.

  10. Try klutch live resin- I'm a big fan even though their a bit more expensive. Icc×pineapple cake was 🔥 I'm getting sherbhead next. Stay lifted

  11. Hit the sales , here in Dayton columbiacare does mostly 20% off - the 30% will come after May or June guarantee you. And if your a vet or on social security- THATS INDIGENT for those that don't know. Because they stack discounts most places do. Almost up to 50% off - thats an awesome deal - wait till you see my monthly haul lol sherbhead live resin pod is next been hearing good stuff about it

  12. I stopped buying 510’s once I got a luster pod. Luster pod’s are top tier . I’m only problem I have is when it gets low it does the regular clogging like any other cart but it sucks getting it going

  13. Once it is open remove the whole inside part and fold the cardboard, it’s like pulling off the childproof off of a lighter. The box closes but doesn’t lock.

  14. Icc × pineapple cake live resin luster 100% 🔥 not knocking on tally mon luster , I've got once and your so right it's 👍 I've tried all luster but live resin is much more tastier and potent. I'm going to get big head or sherbhead next - I'm an indica kinda guy . Have you tried the live resin yet?

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