Please bring the strawberry coughs back to Ohio

  1. Just kinda tired of the lemons and orange/mango. Does anyone have a strawberry strain they particularly like more than strawberry cough

  2. I remember the 1st time I had strawberry cough had like 6 of us fried for 4 or 5 hours lol the good old days

  3. That's because at one point that was some kind bud now it's nothing special to many good strains around the best ones aren't at the dispensary BTW or I should say aren't grown in the medical program I still get the best flower from the black market from Cali and Michigan

  4. I saw someone yesterday whose terps were reading 40%-60% where are they keeping this bud cause like you said most common I’ve seen is just a few mg is that normal? It wasn’t listed in mg so kinda confusing as to what’s considered a good ratio of terps

  5. Blueberry Vintage and Crushed Berries live resin luster pods by Butterfly Effect are both really nice. The Blueberry Vintage is probably my favorite. It tastes AMAZING, and has really nice daytime effects. Even though it is marketed as an Indica and is very relaxing, it gives off some great cerebral effects, for sure.

  6. Forgot the terps: Blueberry Vintage: Myrcene 4.69% Limonene 1.08% Pinene .49% Crushed Berries: Myrcene 3.87% Caryophyllene 1.28% Ocimene .9%

  7. I got a few but can't say 4sure the terps but the ones I've had and liked alot we're #1stunna imo nice purple taste it was fairly strong flavor last time I had it bout a month ago. G Purps is pretty fire and so tasty that's my shit no doubt. Blueberry cheesecake Woodward is never 1 in my book. I've had several others but these were first ones I thought of.

  8. Yea slh is a nice lemon strain I like too. The cool thing about strawberry cough is when it makes you cough all you taste is pure strawberry’s all down your wind pipe

  9. It’s been a while but I would have to say it is some of the best testing flower I’ve had, it’s one of those strains that’s consistently low to average THC but insanely aromatic.

  10. My first time was 6 years ago. Wish I had more of it. But I wish I had more of the stuff I used to get off the black market

  11. Firelands has , or did last year strawberry gorillaback, or something like that. For strong Berry taste their switch Berry OG is pretty good as well if you can get it fresh. And surprisingly the skunkberry from cure ohio. And can't forget about tallymon.

  12. Is the tallymon real fruity? I’ve been wanting to try it. Do you remember what all flavors it had to the taste

  13. I recently got some Galactic Runtz, and I was surprised, tbh. Very, very small buds in a 5.66, but no leaf, great, kind of grapey runtz taste, and decently strong!

  14. I had a plug who used to grow amazing strawberry cough, it was always my favorite strain. The ocimene levels were off the charts. That sweet sweet taste and smell with the berry notes will always be imprinted in my head as the best bud I ever had. My lifelong dream is to breed a strawberry cough x girl scout cookies strain. Hopefully we can grow in Ohio someday

  15. Yea orange is cool I’ve just had so much of it the last 10 years. Don’t get me wrong I like gas strains I’d just like to see more fruity ones

  16. I was just thinking about this post, and remembered another one I would recommend trying. It isn't strawberry, but Buckeye Relief put out a sneak peak of Jelly Rancher. It's so tasty! It tastes like gassy candy. Lol. Nothing "remarkable" about the effects, but it's a decent strain!

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