Coming up on six months of having my Medical Card.

  1. Klutch Mac 1, Galenas Dual OG, Farkas Farms Problem Child, and Certified Gypsy Soap are some heavy hitters I can think of. Fireland's Tally Mon has great daytime effects, too.

  2. I’ve tried the problem child and the Mac 1! Great strains. I haven’t seen Problem Child being sold at a higher weight than 2.8 which I hate. I know we have a new batch of Dual OG coming soon and it looks great! Appreciate you

  3. Blueberry cookies is always great klutch ICC and budino Farkas Wonka bars PC and unicorn cake aint had relaxing. Certified Deez runtz leaves me heavy headed every time cherry mints greasy runtz dirty little secret all hit hard. Any Woodward if you go firelands I've only had chem OG it was fantastic now there rosin is pretty good. AR jealousy ain't bad either. BR kings mustache dosido x Gelato nice as well. I'm sure I left some out lol but there are some decent ones on my list.

  4. Ah shit , long time pot head here that weeps without it , my favorite strains are Ancient Roots / Lemon Kush Badder , most things from firelands have gone down hill but their salty watermelon is one of my favorite sativas I’ve tried , I’ve you like concentrates cop some GMO from wellsprings. You’re in the right ballpark with Klutch tho , im sure you have but if you haven’t got Orange 43 , it’s a game changer. Their mac 1 , Sherbhead , of all ice cream cakes I’ve had (guilty plug) theirs is my favorite , and honestly I haven’t got to try any of the Josh D stuff yet , but it seems everyone’s just watching out for that right now lol

  5. About 3 months in BR lemon dosido taste and effects all there for me,also their nyc flo, firelands tally mon was pretty good also.Sativa, black jack didn't work for me made me to edgy but super sour orange hit the nail on the head.

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