Did I really just buy a delta 9 pen mixed with CBD 😡?

  1. See this is why we should always be sure to read the poster’s name. To be first to point something hilarious like this out.

  2. D9Thc IS the THC you want. Cbd could been added or strain specific. It's called delta 9 tetrahydricannibidol (sp?) The THC that gets you a buzz

  3. Delta 9=psychoactive, and twice as strong as Delta 8. Delta 8=more of a novice type high, IMO kinda like a CBD on steroids lol.

  4. Im not a Doctor by fare, I'm only going by my experience. I believe that CBD has kept my Liver & Pancreas down from swelling! The doctors kept testing me for cancer, Test after test no answers. I couldn't go by ( we think you have cancer but your blood work keeps coming back good ) my liver & pancreas was swollen with cyst they said. It was hurting my lower rip cage. After 2 years of no answers I finally started CBD. Within 6 months they did test again after a assault & told me everything was back down to normal & no cysts. I told them it was the CBD that helped me. With a big smile... If I run out of my CBD more then a week, my liver starts to swell & push on my lower rib. CBD is a miracle for some. CBD also keeps the Immune system up. CBD does a lot for us. It doesn't bring my high down like some, my MMJ usually always has CBD. I want to say I love this group but I don't like all the bullying. Try to be kind, we are all still learning! Help each other out instead of hurting others.

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience. CBD has kept my Rheumatoid Arthritis disease activity down. I still have to take pharmaceuticals but a Vectra blood test that shows disease activity with RA has shown my use of CBD keeps the numbers down. I stopped using CBD for awhile because I didn’t think it was doing anything because I wasn’t feeling anything. After several months of not using CBD My numbers on my Vectra test really jumped. I started using the CBD daily in my coffee again and my next Vectra numbers were back down. CBD definitely plays a big part in my Cannabis treatment.

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