Rollins from Cresco Labs

  1. I picked this up yesterday at the Cleveland Rise. The terp profile is low but I like the effects. I smell a little citrus and earth. The effects are uplifting and spacey. A nice daytime strain.

  2. FR?? It's not a cake strain, so the buds build different?? I'm not sure if you mean bud structure or growth on the branch but those holes aren't seeds or genetics it's auto trimmer alot of the bud sold in Ohio not all but I'd have to say almost all of it runs through an auto trimmer galenas is the only hand trimmed that I know of. Other than there tiny pin holes not hacked up like you see there.

  3. What’s your guy’s opinion on Rollins? Originally it’s actually the very first thing I purchased but that was almost a year ago haha.

  4. Bullseye....I believe em to possibly be footprints left from the tips of Botany tweezers after removing "anthers", or male pollen sacs which spontaneously form when a female plant is stressed for whatever reason. It's natures way of ensuring species survival.

  5. It’s a sativa and not a cake strain, so you’ll see some of that. Basically voids where buds are coming together on the main stem

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