Lighthouse Sciences Rainbow Cookie Bar Terp Crème — simply the best extract I’ve purchased from an Ohio Dispo to date

  1. Love the extracts these guys are pumping out. This strain has potent, long lasting high effects that put me in the perfect mellow/Stoney mood. Great stuff

  2. I was so interested when I saw them pop in the menu. Very curious about everything they’re putting out. Terp crème, diamond flan, even the crumble looks amazing

  3. I find it hard to believe anything could be better than Rosin made from ice water hash. I notice a major difference any time I break from rosin and try something butane/propane/ethanol extracted.

  4. Especially from companies who don’t even grow their own flower right??? Most these processors are buying old flower from others places for their products, and then rename it…. I’ll pass - give me some AR at a cheaper price all day

  5. It's mainly the consistency of the concentrate creme flan crumble all deserts as well not crumble not sure of any with those names. But fuck I'm stoned I get the point.

  6. Yeah idk I feel like it’s essentially live resin tbh. They have some interesting forms…terp crème, diamond flan

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