Anyone use any of the cream for pain?

  1. I've been through dozens of jars of the Butterfly Effect 4:1 lotion. Use it several times per day on my lower back and shoulder. It works very well for me and has no psycho-active effects whatsoever. I hope you find some relief.

  2. I have tried the 1:3 (thc to cbd), and it was fantastic for arthritis/ inflammation...the kind I got is a balm, and a tiny amount goes a very long way. I could feel noticeable relief from pain, soreness ,and inflammation within two days of 2x daily application.

  3. I've used the 4:1 cbd:thc massage oil. It works pretty good. Just remember you won't feel a high or get deep relief unless you get transdermal lotion/oil

  4. The MÜV Transdermal Gel - THC (Green container) works wonders for me. Back (spine) more than knees. For knees I find CBD and Voltaren to be the best combination. I do like the Butterfly Effect 4:1 lotion for muscle areas though.

  5. I've tried a bunch. I don't like cbd in my edibles but I love Floyd's brand cbd sports cream. I've never found anything like it though I haven't tried any from the dispensary. I get the little packets from the gas station. I ripped one of the muscles in my back in half when I was young and while it is more or less healed, it 'goes out' in that same spot multiple times a year. Floyd's sports cream is practically magic for that kind of pain.

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