Ohio Dispensary Lottery Winners list

  1. Columbus getting 9 on top of our 5-6 we have?! Wow.... Let's see those prices after these guys/gals roll into town!

  2. Exactly. Michigan has dispensaries like 4 or 5 within walking distance. And great prices. Lets see some competition on prices. I'd love to see 6 for $100 1 gram carts like up North.

  3. 74 new dispensaries but no new cultivation facilities... means same amount of weed, just 2X+ the number of dispensaries. The demand is gonna go through the roof, supply will not change... I'm no "economist" but a huge jump in demand with no change in supply does not make it sound like prices are going to be going down any time soon.

  4. Says they got a bunch coming to the southeast side.. I'm not familiar with that area though so I don't know if they will be close to you

  5. This is great news, I’m seriously so stoked, but I don’t understand how the state doesn’t see the glaring error of opening up more dispos while keeping the number of cultivators - and how much space they’re allowed to use to grow - the same.

  6. Same buddy! I live in Harrison, either Bloom or Zen leaf are my usuals. Suspension bridge road is close as hell.

  7. Such absolute bullshit about the license in Kent. LLC is based out of an apartment above a shitty ass headshop that is right next to all frat houses.

  8. I read they have to prove they do in fact meet requirements as well. So there's an audit of some sort that happens at some point. If they can't meet the requirements they were told they had to meet before they applied(and paid to enter the lottery), the license goes to alternates that are drawn. I have no idea how often that happens considering how costly it would be to lose the license.

  9. Thank god Milford is getting two. So tired of going to either About wellness in Lebanon or drive an hour to bloom in seven mile.

  10. Once Trulieve starts they are fast, they are on track in WV to have 10 and have 2 open now with 3 more in the next month.

  11. any know what company "canoe hill llc" is associated with? 3 dispenseries in the cincinnati area coming from them. hope its not some corporate garbage.

  12. This is pure speculation but there is a canoe rental place on Suspension Bridge Rd, so I’m thinking it’s a family start up.

  13. The info for the liscense application is online. Dude lives in CT. According to what I read, he has multiple dispensary's open near there. Could be misreading thought.

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