I need help buds! Is there any brands in the program that offer high levels of CBD and/or CBG in flower? IN NEED!

  1. Standard wellness has a CBD flower called catatonic. And firelands scientific has two they have one called shark shock and one called AC/DC all of them have pretty decent levels of CBD but the firelands scientific has more THC the standard wellness catatonic is usually around 1% THC and 12% CBD I prefer to use that one mix it with my regular flower if I want more THC at the moment I'm using it

  2. That would be the best as far as cost and availability. But OP did specify something that was in the program. And I’ve actually gotten CBD Vapes cheaper in the program even though it still costs me days. The CBD Vapes from the program don’t irritate my lungs like those sold outside of the dispos.

  3. Standard Wellness and Firelands Scientific are the only cultivators in Ohio, that I am aware of, that grow CBD flower. Look out for Standard's Cannatonic, which if you want more of an effect, mix it with your favorite flower. Otherwise, there is ACDC, from Firelands, which is more of a 1:1 flower. Hope this helps! ✌️❤️🌳

  4. @Kushykushington I would find a solid source small family hemp farm and acquire a large supply from the source...plenty of good quality for consumer prices available on CBd to let ohio take your high priced points and dollars....that is just me tho....but those points shouldn't count for CBd products......I have a good friend in Houston that sells quality cbd...I'll find his contact information if you would like...I know that they sell medical grade CBd products.

  5. Hemp flower is a great idea, but if you want something in the program with CBG, I've noticed that some of the live resins and specifically Ancient Roots' live rosin dablicators are high in CBG (some over 8%). It's also pretty common for some Klutch strains of flower to have over 1%, and I've seen Orange 43 over 3%, but hemp flower can have as high as 17-18% CBG. Sharkshock and Canatonic are pretty much the only flower options in the program for CBD.

  6. Pretty good stuff coming out of cultivators that specialize in CBD/hemp flower, legal to buy, ship and smoke thanks to the 2019 Farm Bill; all without the incredible markup of the medical program or using up your limited days. Flow Gardens just won at the Emerald Cup for their CBD flower

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