Who all here has looked into why marijuana was banned in the U.S. in the first place?

  1. I believe it was Hearst (Publishing) that was the push for politicians to demonize hemp. Which included cannabis, all because he didn't want paper competition from the hemp industry. Hearst wanted full control of paper. So, he had enough clout to get the government to turn it into a dangerous drug!

  2. I remember my friends and I came across this in high school. We had a binder with printed information on why it all started and what all hemp can replace. It’s crazy and clearly banned bc of competition…

  3. Here is your answer. Government testing monkeys pumping them full of marijuana smoke until they died. Then saying it kills brain cells lol no joke. Heres a short clip. Look up the rest from the videos info.

  4. That's only the surface, the real reason is paper/textiles. If my memory recalls, something to do w/the invention of the commercial spindle. The government hates competition !

  5. The entire name "Marijuana" come from the term Marihuana was was Spanish is racist. It was used as a way to convince people that were already using Cannabis to agree that Cannabis turned you into a psychotic, murdering, rapist. What really boggles my mind is that it worked, that people that were already using Cannabis was like "oh yeah it totally does do what they say it does".... really? because it sure as hell did NOT do that to me nor anyone else that I know either. As a matter of fact it does the opposite. They also lie about how Cannabis has ZERO medicinal values, yet the ones that say this 'the Federal Government" also hold over five U.S. Medicinal Patents for Cannabis. Why does a Government hold a business patent? They are NOT a business, so why hold a patent?

  6. It's really fucked up. Fuck the Regan admin. There was a documentary on Netflix. Idk why we just don't rise up and make it our own. 🇺🇸 is ass backwards on it

  7. It certainly feels odd to continue upholding laws which were created based on racism and disproven information. It feels odd that most people already know these facts, yet absolutely nothing has changed, and legalization is treated by politicians as something they're "giving us" and not what it really is, them giving us back something that should have never been taken from us. It's strange to me that the road to legalization, the LEGITIMATE PATHWAY TO THE END OF PROHABITION is fraught with hardline opposition using dirty tactics to try and keep it illegal. If people want marijuana CANNABIS to be legal and are going through the process to make it so, it seems incredibly odd to intentionally hinder those people, causing them to continue to be criminalized until the politicians are completely unable to drag their feet any longer. A lot of things about our country, our system, feel odd.

  8. It’s a non ending loop of profit into the pockets of politicians. Regardless of if they taxed the f**k out of cannabis federally or not, they’re still making more money while it’s illegal. that’s legitimately all it EVER comes down to here in the US://

  9. I had no idea there were documentaries on it, but I am only 18 and still trying to learn about a lot of this stuff since I’m mostly new to all of it

  10. It was banned so the government could put weed with the hippies and crack with the blacks, Nixon wanted to kill two birds with one stone. He wanted to stop anti Vietnam hippies and the up incoming threat of the black community. So he created the war ok drugs to deal with it. Break up the black family and get rid of the hippies. And half a decade later these two groups have still never recovered from the “war on drugs”

  11. We all,well most of us know the answer to that question.Go to PBS or YouTube reefer madness. Have you done ANY research on this topic? I'm not gonna skewer you here, that's not what this platform is for.Take some time, do some timeframe patching from...until now.

  12. It's def true sadly and yet they have taken this long to come this far with it sad so so sad wasted time on a wasted cause when we couldve been learning from it and who knows what we would know by now.

  13. They called it the devil's lettuce. They knew it would help many. Also hemp could of saved many trees. At one point they made American's grow hemp on there land before they labelled it.

  14. The name marijuana eat attributed to it to play of people racism. “Marihuana” was a desert tobacco associated with Mexico. They used the name to play on people’s racism. Until they it was referred to as cannabis. They didn’t even realize they were making hemp illegal when they voted on it. It’s a whole fucking mess.

  15. The presidents even grew hemp before the white man demonized it and turned it into a tool of racism

  16. Didn't people in the U.S. government use it as an excuse to keep Mexican and black people in cages? That along with the fact that hemp can be used to make paper, rope, clothes, etc. Access to legal hemp would have made the production process of textiles/paper totally different and take away huge amounts of money from established rich guys.

  17. I've came across more articles on why weed was made illegal in the first place idk if one or multiple are true or if they're all false. All I know is that I've met more people who care what others do than themselves and that's what I see being the downfall of anything worthwhile

  18. 1937. That’s when weed was illegalized. Because Hearst had a monopoly on newspapers and forests. Hemp would have made his forests less useful. They had a large propaganda campaign and now people just believe what they want to believe…. As you can see from all these “propogandA” reasons for the illegalization of weed…

  19. I used to be a hemp activist in the 90's. There were several reasons. basically the combination of capitalist greed and racism. Certain industries were threatened by hemp's diverse uses and minorities were targeted for drug crimes. Harry Anslinger was behind a lot of it.

  20. I'm pretty sure Cannabis was threatening the paper industry, concrete industry, big pharma, and alot of other industries and they rallied against Cannabis which didn't have any backing at the time. No science, no data. Now we do though. It's about to happen.

  21. It was banned originally as a way to criminalize immigrants and people of color. It was not due to safety issues. It was due to Mexican immigrants using it and people of color using it. At the time, it was tied to jazz musicians (jazz was seen as "devil music"), who were predominantly people of color, and the fear that they would use it as a way to "seduce" white women. So, like a lot of other stupid public policy in America... it was based on racism and xenophobia.

  22. The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Hererr is a great book you can find free pdfs of online that goes into great detail about the history of cannabis prohibition in America. Great read if you are interested in the topic

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