Crazy how you cant just post a review or make a post at all without someone trying to get into arguments. I come here to hear people’s opinions and reviews of medical products because I love cannabis and want to know what helps you all. Stop being so negative. “What I want to know is, are you kind?”

  1. Like a week ago I told people to relax about the little black spots in their luster pods, that it probably wasnt that serious (and it wasnt, as confirmed by an employee who posted about it) and somebody would be fixing it soon and I got roasted lol People love having something to bitch about 🤷‍♂️

  2. I do wish there wasn’t always the smartest man in the room commenting.. the info is nice, but arrogance is unappreciative. I’ve learned there are many levels to this medicine, and not everyone is on the same level.

  3. Cannabis effects us all in different ways and that's just in general. There is also what each and EVERY different strain does to each of us, that it doesn't do for all of us. For some people they can find pain relief from a certain strain while others might not get any benefit at all other than it makes them tired or hungry or allows them to concentrate rather than have their minds jumping all over the place.... or it does nothing at all other than make them wonder how anyone can get relief with this strain.

  4. I used to think some must be using the wrong strain because they are always pissy, moody, I just realize cannabis has its limitations and can't fix everything.

  5. Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over Uncle John’s Band. Haha!!! I agree with your sentiment. Seems to me this should be one of the kindest forums around. Sacred healing and wide open wonder. Peaceful vibes to all. And keep sharing the knowledge. Share the “Kind” knowledge kindly 🙏✌🏽🔥🔥🔥🌬

  6. It's great when the mob see's your opinion as negative and swarm without adding anything on topic just "you're an asshole I hope you suffer in life"

  7. As a smoker of 36 years, I can honestly say that flower is and always will be my go to. No edibles, unless given a cookie or brownie by a friend, no tinchers, salves, oils.....none of that. I'm spoiled these days with the medicinal. I love knowing the THC and terpene info.

  8. I know that's right! Be Kind Rewind :) Pay That Shiza Forward am I right. From one KIND Bud to another. Each One Reach One Teach One. Love This Comment slash Question ⁉️.

  9. I just ignore it or tell people to get bent, but its usually the former. I know what you mean though. People will argue anecdotal experience about strains all day long not realizing each strain might effect each individual a little differently so the whole thing is a stupid argument. Or the people who got bad stuff once or twice from any given grower now all of a sudden everything they grow will always be garbage. I dont care what anybody says, Ive had some really good bud from CC/Seed & Strain (sticky gorilla) and Chizle (SFVOG) within the last few months, and both growers catch endless flak on here. But again, that was MY experience, and Im not trying to make people think theyre stupid for not preferring those growers. Weed Karens lol Cannakarens!!! Naggin bitches!!! :P

  10. There are a lot of assholes on this sub.i can’t imagine being medicated around some of the people that post here. Snarky,”I’m better then you” type personality shifters.

  11. As someone that works in the industry I try to make myself available for any and all questions about the work I do. No judgement here, all love. :)

  12. I know it's bs for people to be so arguable and negative on this sub but to be honest there is always going to be a asshole almost everywhere you go trying to break you down, give you false information or try to get you mad to get you kicked out I myself will just block them and it will make it one less asshole to deal with later plus these subs are pretty massive and the remaining people are here to help☮️

  13. I’m on mobile at the moment - is there a filter for the reviews so I can check out reviews by type?

  14. Thank you for this post. It seems like so many posts here are whiny and petty and negative. I wanted to unsubscribe but this post gives me a little hope. I love a little kindness and a little kind bud.

  15. I’ve been medicating for around 20 years, half my life, and some of the most important things I’ve learned are to understand Indica and Satuva and their qualities. Then to follow your nose, pay attention to the terps and find what’s working for your body. ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT THE THC % . THCA will turn to THC over time with decarboxylation, so although it may turn color, it’ll smack.

  16. It is not constructive to compare to rec markets and say Ohians are ill-informed bc its costs more. People dis on otehrs when they post deals to be helpful.

  17. You want to start a fight on here talk about how awesome Rivera Creek Garlic Cookies is. I think it is the best in Ohio, fight me!

  18. Can’t love this enough- there’s enough negativity in the world- and trying to find a bit of peace through marijuana is all I want- not some negative know it all I’m the marijuana expert ramblings- take it somewhere else

  19. I agree I dont hate on anyone for not knowing something thata what this sub is about I thought I could careless about downvotes and all that mess if what I say can help someone or I find the help I'm looking for then fuck the rest and those who are holier than thou. Downvote me upvote me I could careless my life goes on none the less. Also I am stoned I don't give a fuck when I'm stoned.

  20. Not going to lie I feel like majority of this Reddit has some very miserable people that only seek out arguments. A lot of nice people on here as well don’t get me wrong but it would be a lot better if everyone could just help each other out with advice with out hearing one negative comment or having it turn into the battle of what company is better.

  21. I hear ya - I'm here to help those that need a little educated- this is my 3rd year in the program had it all mostly except tropicals. I'm hear to help Screw all the haters. Marijuana should make you happy not be a dick or troll. Ask me anything you need to my friend- stay lifted

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