Luster pods and Rosin

  1. One luster pod lasts me 3-4 days, I typically go through 2 every week. I try to only buy when they are 15-30% off, and I only buy live resin on special occasions etc. It’s hard to justify the extra $30 a week when Klutch’s normal pods have pretty high terpene amounts.

  2. My primary consumption method lately has been lusters. I bought two on 4/20, and both are still over half full, and I use them daily. Only at night though. I’m not a 24/7 consumer.

  3. 2 luster pods last me about two weeks I usually try and pick up the 3 pack grow Ohio pods when they have them in stock.

  4. 1 day they go so fast just got a BR lime sherbert cart yesterday at 1 it was gone by 7 this morning. Was fire tho

  5. Yeah ancient roots is charging less for better quality and more product. Time to put the pressure on firelands to compete. I stopped buying their stuff and strictly just get AR at this point.

  6. The problem with Ancient Roots is their stuff isn't really solventless. They call it "rosin badder" instead of just rosin for a reason. They pump it all full of solvent-extracted, unregulated CBG isolate. It's a dirty, inferior product compared to what Firelands puts out.

  7. RISE cleveland has had Ancient roots peach crescendo rosin jam 2.53 for $156 before tax i got it 25% off on 420 120 OOTD. I got the 2.53 firelands qush#12 for 133 at Terassana in garflied heights that's was 30% off so 103 OOTD

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