What’s going on at about wellness?

  1. Which is it? In one comment in this thread you say they cleaned house. In this comment you make it sound like a unified walk out. So, which one is the lie? Are they both lies?

  2. If anything like Klutch, it’s not a shortage of work but a shortage of wages. You can’t expect people to work for you for less than $15 an hour.

  3. I made $18.50/hr, started at $17, in the dispo I worked at before I quit. These dispos are paying <$15/hr and wonder why they have a staffing shortage 😂😭😂

  4. I would imagine they have cut the pay of the staff.. a few months ago they were trying to get raises and get the staff up to $20 an hour.. sure that will come to a halt and they will probably fire anyone (or already have) that asked for a raise. Ethos doesn’t seem to pay well or have a great culture

  5. was about to ask this question in general on here. can any employees or regular "customers" chime in on this? last time i was out there, it was the most busy and backed up i had ever seen it. and this was a good couple weeks after the transfer of management. havent been able to get a phone calls thru for weeks. their front door was actually sitting open, apparently broken when someone got pissed off and blasted it on their way out a few days prior.

  6. This is also my main dispensary, and the first dispensary I went to in Ohio. They have excellent prices and a good staff. I like what ethos flower I’ve bought but I don’t know what they’re like as a buisness or dispensary. I too was hoping someone had more information about it but it seems they want to downvote the post and upvote the comment that states the text in the photo 🤦‍♂️

  7. Worst ordering process in Ohio. Online ordering is not an option. They offer call in orders but never answer the phone. If you go without waiting all day for them to answer the phone, you wait up to 2 hours. Every other dispensary I'm in and out within 10 minutes. Place is a joke and when I asked management about the wait, they basically told me to go somewhere else. What a joke. Get your shit together!

  8. I love it when the market determines wages. Can think of customer service jobs on the phone that let you sit at home all day pay more than $20 hour plus benefits

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