Bloom Medicinals has a long abusive history towards its employees.

  1. This is absolutely true as I was an employee. And what’s hilarious is, the dog bites! 👌🏼 A true reflection of the company

  2. I’m a Missourian posting in an Ohio thread confirming that Bloom is an absolute joke. I find it troubling that we didn’t have heat for 3 months, but they had plenty of money to spend on a USA Today post.. everything you read about this company on the indeed reviews which a whopping 1.8 rating, is sadly true..

  3. I am trying to bring awareness to the situation. Hopefully it will gain traction eventually and they’ll do something about RJ. I’m fairly certain they’re all super close friends ( RJ and other decision makers at bloom) I can’t explain why nothing has changed otherwise.

  4. Yup!! Can confirm that that store is a revolving door of burnout and disappointment. One of the greatest weights off my shoulders was when I quit with no notice and moved into cultivation. I'll probably never do another customer service based job again because of that place. Steer clear unless you love corporate greed.

  5. I actually stopped purchasing from Bloom Medicinals.Here in Akron,the bud tenders' customer service skills are sub par at best,their knowledge of certain products and methods of consumption are non existent.It's like buying from the black market...get in give me your money and leave!

  6. Man I stopped going after my first time just cuz of the atmosphere, felt more like a bank than an alternative medicine dispensary. The Botanist all the way, even the security guard smiles and says hi every time I show up

  7. Maumee, OH-IO location is great. I've been going there for over 3 years and 1/2 of the staff is the same. I feel so important too them. I also spend a ton of money 🤑 so I'd hope so. No I'm truly happy with the prices there and the staff. I hate reddit probably only posted this and 1 other post. I feel that REDDIT is misleading.... OKAY!!

  8. I only use them when all the other spots are closed since they say they stay open until 9 it's really 830pm because they lock the doors and will not let you in even if the lobby is empty.

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