A little bird told me…

  1. I just bought Sherbhead about a week ago as my first Klutch purchase and while it looks great, it tastes like aquarium 😂. I wasn’t sure if that was a result of it being hydroponic or what.

  2. lolol did you get flower I presume? The cart has been my go to since I discovered it but now I’m a little hesitant and it’s only because it’s from my favorite/cool as shit budtender told me that. Idk. Get lemon slushee instead everyone. It’s just as fucking delicious.

  3. And you all think budtenders are dumb. We get fired for telling patients shit like this. Not YOU but I mean just people here in this sub who suck.

  4. I don’t think any of you are. I have much love and respect and if my dude got in trouble I promise you I’d boycott the program:)

  5. Oh good! I hope no one gets a bad batch at all. It really is such a lovely strain, seriously one of my favorites and it is has helped my colitis SO MUCH.

  6. Been staying off sherbhead and klutch. How am I going to be sold in November sherbhead flower packaged in March by a dispensary that opened up in august

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