First trip to the dispensary. First time having weed!

  1. Welcome to better living through nature. Just remember, respect the plant and the plant will respect you. Abuse her, and she will put you in your place… locked in that couch. 😅

  2. Unless you’re like me and come out the other side of abusing her 😅 ah man tolerance sucks haha. I’m getting better tho

  3. Look up dispensaries and some have websites and you can place order online. It's weird and you don't really get to look look at anything but from a list of names. But the place we go to in cleveland has 3 different stores and can place order right online and pick up but got to pay with cash when you pick it up

  4. Be careful using edibles for your first time! Vaping or smoking is recommended because you can control how much you have, but if you have too much of an edible you're stuck with that feeling. It's not fatal or anything, but it can give some people intense anxiety and scare them away from wanting to try any more, so look out for yourself!

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