Who are your top 5 medical growers in Ohio?

  1. Galenas Klutch Certified Ancient Roots and Buckeye Relief. Now that is my preferred list however the times we live in sometimes require a slightly different approach. I have bought Cresco (Supply) Pure Ohio Wellness as well as Fireland Scientific.

  2. Has butterfly effect’s flower gotten any stickier? Every time I try it it’s so dry I can crumble it into powder with my fingers.

  3. Maybe a crazy high thought but I wonder if Farkas is being bought? In my personal experience, when you start seeing a decline in quality or consistency, it means they sold out.

  4. Sidenote, which MAY be completely off base but, the hay smelling batches, did they have a Boveda inside? Ive conflicting reports it does this to some strains/terps. Integra Boost I never heard that complaint with their packs. Or could be so fresh, it's not ready yet, the cure?

  5. Only one I can go to is a sunnyside so mainly all I can afford is their much cheaper cresco since they own it lmao. Klutch, buckeye relief, and firelands scientific have all done me well. Also revel rso and carts are nice. (Ayr wellness)

  6. Good to see others giving Galenas some love. I used to get trolled hard for showing support for their methods and approach to growing, probably by employees of other growers but for a while it was just silly

  7. I also liked the greasy rntz, and the last several I got from certified were amazing, with tongue splashers, dark rainbow, animal Mintz select, and Southside legend select being among my favorites so far.

  8. There is always a bunch of Meigs at my dispensary. I like their jars and want to try them but I've heard a bit of negativity. Ancient Roots flower is nice, I loved the Zour Apples.

  9. I’ve had extensive periods of using flower only , concentrates only , edibles only , and carts only , and 5. Firelands , I was hesitant to put firelands because some of the hate they get , but all in all I think they make great edibles , their salty watermelon is one of my favorite strains I’ve had (just personal preference) and their carts were always the most consistent for me 4 .Woodward , no explanation needed , I could stare at their bud for hours 3. Ancient Roots , it’s incredibly biased cause I haven’t tried wellspring fields but so far their concentrates are my favorite 2. Standard , I used to be super skeptical of standard but I think they have something for everyone in their menu , they have some pretty good edibles , and not all their strains are killer but Sherb and a few others are top notch. And I’ve had some pretty solid carts from them as well

  10. I haven't tried Klutch yet. My favorites would be Buckeye Relief, Certified, Ancient Roots, Woodward (expensive) and Firelands.

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