Klutch Jealousy Luster Pod 3/10 tasted like chlorine, not sure if it’s the terps or CO2 method or what. Was pumped to try it out as my first luster pod, hopefully not all are terrible. Better off throwing away. I will give the live resin a try next.

  1. Damn that sucks. I didn’t mind the Jealousy when I had it but it’s been awhile. If you were in Cincinnati I’d offer to save it from the trash lol. Give the live resins a try

  2. Haha I probably shouldn’t have said better off in the trash. But I’ll keep it for a rainy day

  3. Have a Jealousy x Apricot Gelato 510 cart and it's pretty harsh. I have a variable temp mod and I vape it on lowest setting. The Sherbhead is pretty tasty but still can vape a bit harsh with bigger rips.

  4. Focus on the terpenes in the strains to guide you. Top terpene is Caryophyllene. I like it but not this strain. Heatlocker, triangle mints, whip it, ICC also 043.

  5. Don't buy the live resin either. The temperature of the battery is preset to burn up your oil fast and that's not what you want with a LR cart. You want low and slow like some ribs

  6. This was my first luster pod I bought and I loved it everyone I know loves it few ppl thought it was a good one to get for a first time cuz it def hits.

  7. I thought tasted like straight black pepper and pine sol at the end. One of the most complex flavors but probably my least favorite tastes.

  8. Didn’t scroll down to the other selection for review, my bad. Figured the 3/10 would help you out first.

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