Meigs county Banana & Apples, Cherry Dosidos, Wedding Mints, B&A not the best looking strain but makes up for smell and taste very piney/lemon taste amazing, Wedding Mints frosty, floral fruity smell taste great good effects, Cherry dosidos the best out the 3 sour piney/gassy smell strong hit 🔥

  1. I was just noticing how Meigs terpene listing is a lil wacky. What's their logic of order, as it's not alphabetical nor descending. Your thoughts ?

  2. Bananas & Apples from cookies out in Vegas didn’t look the best when I got it as well but was one of the best smelling and tasting flower I’ve had in awhile. Batch I had was crazy on the terps it was 2.25% Myrcene.

  3. The all cured for about 4-41-2 months each Cherry gelato & wedding mintz were perfect sticky but not to sticky nice firm nugs in the middle of dense & fluffy that broke up nice b&a was a little more moist I might let it dry out a lil bit more

  4. They have alot of great strains youroria is one of there best there animal mints is the best imo. Also slurple it is so so good will put you down love it. I'm southeastern Ohio boy I started out not the biggest fan of meigs had higher expectations on them I learned a lot of good grow tips from the old schools in meigs county. But Animal mints youroria la kush kake cherry dosido and slurple has made them one of my favs and they keep rising to the occasion.

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