Lots of Negative Luster Pod posts, bad time to try them??

  1. Seems like a very large lot of lusters made by ccell have some kind of defect that’s effecting multiple brands. It’s most likely not any one brands oil that’s causing the issue. That’s not to say every cart is defective but these pods are made by the millions and PO’s are done in the 40-100k+ pod range. Some bad apples In the bin is all.

  2. All I’ve tried. Those two make enough variety and consistent solid quality, I haven’t even bothered trying other brands yet.

  3. Seems like most of the issues have been with the live resin pods from what I’ve see for what it’s worth. I haven’t been lucky enough to try any live resin but I haven’t had any issues with my normal Klutch, GO or Firelands pods

  4. I’ll add that I’ve bought ten klutch lr pods at this point and have had no issue. Not saying others haven’t but anecdotally I have had no trouble. Just bought a few Sherbhead and lemon slushee ones I’ll update if I see anything troubling

  5. Honestly Grow Ohio BE are some of the best carts I’ve had the pleasure of vaping. The oil is thick and lasts a while and are always super smooth. My personal favorites are SLH (Super Lemon Haze) and OG Kush. I’ve recently tried a few of the Klutch luster pods and really enjoy them and would put them right up there with Grow Ohio. Grow Ohio is just a touch smoother in my opinion.

  6. I’ve very recently tried luster pods for first time. Last week got a battery and have gone through one and half Klutch live resin pods with no issue. Figures I would buy one and immediately there is a problem

  7. I replied to someone else too, but in case you don’t see, I go through 2 luster pods a week for the past year. I’ve only bought Klutch or Grow Ohio pods. On 4/18 I bought 5 jealousy x apricot gelato live resin, and one was cracked/leaking. This was the first bad pod I’ve ever encountered. I’ve also had two orange 43 live resin pods and no problems with either one. I did notice they’ve changed the size/shape of the wicking holes on either side of the silver center part which has made them draw a lot smoother and easier, so maybe something else was tweaked at the same time and they may need to make adjustments. Either way, I wouldn’t worry too much.

  8. I’ve been using luster pods for probably a year now. I go through about two a week, and I have had one pod that was cracked/leaking in that entire time. I had purchased five of the jealousy x apricot gelato live resin pods, and one was bad. I emailed Klutch and also went back to the dispensary. The dispensary gave me my money back. Klutch emailed me within 1 day and offered to either send me a debit card or some kind of cash app thing, but I told them dispensary took care of me and I was only out gas/time. Klutch mailed me some swag.

  9. It seems all the bad pod posts are BE and certified, klutch doesn't seem to have this problem kind of odd since their the same pods! Leads me to believe its their product not the pods!!!

  10. Lusters are nice and smooth(when all is well),and great for concealment.I feel as if they are more wasteful compared to 510s and having voltage control is a must for me personally, I stick to live rosin 510s. No choke and clean.

  11. I jumped straight from a flower vape to luster pods, never even tried 510s. What do you use/recommend for battery for them? The palm thing looks too big and bulky. As far as voltage settings, does that just let you take longer smoother hits? I will say I now never hit the luster pod for more than about 3-4 seconds. When I first got it I was trying to hit it until the light went out, and it can get somewhat harsh. I’d rather take two 4 second hits than one 8 second. Especially with the live resins.

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