Klutch orange 43 luster pod black oil from coil. Tried to contact company but saying email can't send. Might be the end of the luster pods 🤔

  1. I used Klutch's online form to request a refund of a leaky luster pod. I had to provide pictures of the product, packaging and receipt before I got approval to do a refund at the dispensary I bought it from. It was actually pretty easy to deal with.

  2. Cool I tried to email but it wasn't working. Hopefully they get it and take care of it for me

  3. I don't know why everyone can't think logically about this. It's like a game of telephone. One person says something and a week later everyone thinks black mold or some shit is in their pods.

  4. No it's actually the co2. I was kinda surprised it was this light. They've been darker every time I bought them before.

  5. I switched back to 510’s because I can control the voltage level and how hot the oil is burning. Lusters always felt way too much in terms of the voltage level and clouds that it produced. I’m thinking these coils are getting it too hot and burning the oil. Seeing it a lot on here lately.

  6. I feel the same. I honestly was lightly puffing it too because I know they can get hot. And still have this problem

  7. Same but I also feel like the lack of good air flow also makes you take longer, less productive hits. Night and day between a luster and hitting a 510 in my vessel.

  8. I think it's from people burning their coil up, but that's just my opinion cuz my friend got some and so did I and hers did this and she hits hers long and hard compared to me. I haven't had this problem with any of my luster's so far

  9. That's what I thought too. But I take light 3 second puffs. The coil itself is the problem I believe

  10. It's been multiple companies with this issue. Pod maker screwed something up. I saw on here that BE is already giving refunds. Not sure about the other companies.

  11. It’s either the pods or the oil, those are the only variables as most of us are using the same battery with a pre set temp. I would suspect the pods, as the mmj system is so regulated I doubt there would be alterations to the oil and I haven’t seen similar posts of 510 vapes. The company that makes the pods isn’t as heavily regulated, it’s possible they had a supply chain issue and tried to use an alternative component that’s malfunctioning or quality control failing to catch a defect prior to shipment.

  12. Same here that's why I shared this. Just started using it and after a few hours I looked and seen this. I'm no scientist and don't pretend to know everything but it's kinda sketchy. I've had carts not pods darken up from over heating but not like this. If it's just indeed that I'll still use it. But until I get a response from klutch and I know for sure it's not inferior material used I won't use it.

  13. Coils turn black from hitting the lusters to much without letting the coil rewick. So basically you are burning your coil by power hitting them lol

  14. Theres like 12 posts like this for lusters in the last week. Glad i stopped them. They last me 2 days while a 510 last me 4-5 days.

  15. I like my 510 version of the klutch live resin better than the luster version. I think maybe the luster is firing too hot. I use my 510 battery on the lowest setting and it tastes better and isn’t burning the oil inside.

  16. I'm having the same problem with 2 of these pods after a few lights draws. Never had this issue before. I'm done with luster pods, it's back to carts for me.

  17. What are the dates on your packaging? Maybe we can figure out when the bad batch of pods started to be used based on packaging dates

  18. Personally I think luster pods are a cash grab. They burn through oil so fast and can’t be adjusted on the voltage on the batteries sold by dispensaries.

  19. If you said this about another brand on here you’d have +30 upvotes,when the point you are makin is brand less. Ask yourself why this is?

  20. Pods were probably first to market in Ohio because the regulatory requirements were weird and require that stupid magnetic piece for 510’s. Lusters are easier on the company but clearly trash. I’ve never seen a luster pod in any other state. Congrats to us. 😂

  21. Think about it, people. Patterns. The one dude was right its the swme issue in all these lastest lusterfuck reviews, so it looks like a batch thing. Ive worked at factories in quality control and something mightve just slipped through and it will probably be fixed soon.

  22. This has happened with every Klutch and BE live resin lusters I’ve purchased. Went back to strictly live resin 510s. Buckeye Relief has so many amazing options, these days.

  23. These things always seemed like they would kinda suck anyway, from a quality perspective. Having a lot of experience with vape stuff of just about every kind out there and getting to know what works and what doesnt, Ive always thought they looked prone to problems. On the rare occasion I vape, I get anything with a threaded 510 connection and vape it at the perfect wattage and temp on an actual vaping mod, I dont use the cheapo little proprietary batteries they sell. You get exactly what you pay for with those.

  24. Y’all just need to store them right and not rip em so hard. That black shit is burnt cotton because the air flow that pulls during a hit that’s too hard pulls the air passed the liquid straight to the cotton, setting it “ablaze.” That’s it. Burnt cotton. So chill the hell out, draw a little softer, and go buy a luster pod ya dweebs.

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