I've never seen packaging like this...pretty strange.

  1. That’s where I’d say the biggest cost of the product is at. If they wouldn’t care about image and just give us medicine in a plain sealable baggie, shit would be much less expensive too imo

  2. Eight count thats funny i kinda like the packaging but perfer glass so nothing sticks due to static cling that can happen with plastic and you loss your trics with it better than a mylar bag i quess.

  3. You got me laughing like I'm tripping on mushrooms, OMG, the "....w/love portion, is just to funny. It reminds me of a container from the Metaverse dispensery.

  4. Delta 9 thc is just decarbed thc. When it's in its raw form it's THC-a and once it's heated or degraded it turns into THC aka delta 9 thc.

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