Just ate the whole thing I’ll be back with reviews

  1. I’m reading ppl with my issues take 700mg and only feel a little something and that’s very much my experience too. But I still like edibles taste and pain relief just takes HELLA

  2. I felt the very first one I ate (50mg out of 100mg) but every other one I’ve eaten was dogshit. My last one was even stale af

  3. Fireland's Star Bites are the only ohio mmj edibles ive tried because you could get like 500mg in a bag. they were pretty solid but i had to eat like 150mg at a time. If you need high mg for edibles, go to MI if you're able too. I get 100mg packs up there for $6-8 and they do me pretty good.

  4. Not everyone processes cannabis the same when they eat it 🤦‍♂️. One 10mg vape hit can make my face float off and I can eat 200mg with no problem..

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