Klutch Sherbhead live resin luster

  1. I am enjoying the Lemon Slushee Luster by Klutch myself. It is amazing. Incredible flavor and a good zippy energy for this one. I love it, but I am a huge Sativa fan. Might be too much for some, but I don't think it is too speedy. Just makes you feel like doing stuff.

  2. Agree. I abstained from sativas for years due to feeling panicky but I jumped back on board last year. I’m also enjoying the live resin LS cart & it’s fantastic with no jitters. Black Jack IMO is also an outstanding sativa with no anxiety, super lemon haze has some get up and go but I’ve come to love that strain as well.

  3. I got that one as well! 63 mg of myrcene my god. Hard to be anxious with that in there lol I definitely agree it’s a great sativa! I only posted this so people could see the terps I didn’t see it on here yet.

  4. Just got one. Holy crap love the taste. Have tons of experience with flower but very little with vapes. Decided to get a luster battery and give these Klutch live resins a go. I had a heatlockerX pineapple pez which knocked me on my ass a unopened lemon slushie and the sherbhead I got today. Taste is great but effects seem not as strong as the heat locker/pineapple pez

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