Black stuff coming out of wildflower rainbow reserve luster pod.

  1. No, but ive seen lemon slushee klutch doing that a lot. Might be time for a little paise on lusters while this gets sorted.

  2. i literally noticed this morning that my live resin pod from butterfly effect is doing this. is it dangerous to keep using? will they give me a refund?

  3. I think there’s a batch of pods that went out that are all defective. Seeing this across a few different companies

  4. Another victim here ✋️ Black death seeping from core....Layer Cake Live Resin Luster pod. The source materials used in the construction are different, inferior. The pods seem flimsy now, go feel for yourself. I don't recall the plastic housing "squishing", does anybody else ?

  5. Same here, and i bought two of them, both leaked black 😡 have you heard back from grow ohio yet? I emailed them friday but haven’t gotten any response

  6. Yes I have had the black seeping, which is burned wick. This is why I think lusters are not a good product. Carts temperature can be regulated, lusters are not. My last purchase of GrowOhio pods I had 2-3 get like that, also a Klutch. Yeah yeah yeah to the luster fan boys who will say I hit it too hard, well then the luster concept blows all it give the user is discretion, but that in itself is against the program rules, since you have to have the original packaging and shit all with you Not one other damn state has them! So I think lusters very well may eventually die along with the mmj program once Ohians legalize cannabis. Also I agree cheap materials being used to make these pods, only reason why they would go to lusters, if it saves money. That is literally the only reason company will make a change, if it hurts their $$$ coming in.

  7. Could be luster lowering there quality for amount of company’s using there product now, they prob made some cutbacks that are gonna end up screwing then over, I believe this is a pod problem not concentrate problem so that’s on lusters hands I believe

  8. This isn't anything big. It happens with any wicking vape. It's just what happens with use. Stop trying to make excuses to get away from paying for it

  9. Picked up a certified cured resin luster today and it tastes like burnt plastic straight from the package. I took baby hits because the terp sauce cart I had did the same thing. Disgusting 🤢 sad because it had hints of the goodness but was ruined by the chemical plastic taste

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