Nice.. and They said Popcorn Nugz... So 😊 happy. Love Buckeye Relief. Got this half for $65 after discount. Almost 28%thc

  1. I've bought this product here in Akron.My nugs we're all huge, weighed as it should have.I was a little disappointed with my batch.My bag smelled a little bit like hay.That taste was non existent.I've since moved on to Klutch and haven't encountered this problem since.

  2. It’s really tough finding product that has decent terpenes in this program. Do agree Klutch is good but can’t pay $175/half. Maybe it’s worth it given the product is so much better.

  3. Oh wow. That sucks. Well I can say that this bag smelled super gassy !! The Nugs are so dense it's unreal. I actually am going to press it all today. I have a Nugsmasher mini. I get nice yields especially with cake strains. I throw a banana peel in over night to get the bud extra sticky first. Not that this needed it.. I just find that the more hydrated the flower is before smashing.... the better. I do like klutch flower, but just to smoke. Bighead and Icc are my favorites. If you haven't yet.. try some Problem Child by Bullseye. It's a nice indica.

  4. Those aren’t popcorn. They put the premium buds in clear bags and the “smalls” in the opaque bags. Great deal!!! You got a steal!

  5. I’m wondering, is every dispo doing this??? Cause I could get into Buckeye again with prices and quality like that….

  6. Nice.. yeah I smoked a little yesterday, and it tastes bomb. As soon as I opened the bag the odor hit me pretty hard. Definitely nice and stinky. I was super happy because they had it listed @ $80 online, and as popcorn nugs. I do try and find deals so my veteran discount keeps my med price low. I'm glad to hear it's one of your favorites. I'm sure by the way the nugs look.. it's gonna drip

  7. Cake it Easy is a great hybrid. Its also usually not super expensive and it’s on sale all the time. Consistently around 28-29% thc.

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