Anyone else going Dankrupt?

  1. If you can get a decent vaporizer, you can save yourself money by using the already vaped bud, filling it into capsules, and taking those. Nothing beats two use bud.

  2. These have also been my thoughts lately. Having medicine allows me to enjoy life, really try to better myself, and not to mention survive. I feel a lot of guilt having spent so much money and continuing to do so. It’s really hard when it’s the only thing you know that can help you, but it’s so expensive for the average citizen/patient. I know it is for me and I won’t be able to keep up. I’m grateful to have access I really am but it also really stressful when certain products don’t offer proper relief. They could at least start with affordability, could use a big cut across the board for regular pricing. Would help a lot, we know they can afford it. Crazy even pricing was cut in half they would still be making so much off of us. Hoping for better in the future.

  3. I’m right there with you, at first I was super excited posting all my new pickups. Now I’m going only on sales days to get a half for $120 and a pod for $50. Making it last as long as I possibly can. But it’s tough. Everything is so expensive. I’m lucky to ever get any good flower for under $10/g

  4. That funny I do the same thing- Plus being indigent helps because certain companies stack your and their discounts. Hope that helps

  5. Pure Ohio has 100$ half ounces that usually hit sale so I’ve had an ounce for 140 before of good product. Find sales and find strains you can keep up with

  6. I decided not to renew my card this year for that very reason. I don’t want to contribute to heartless rich fuckers getting obnoxiously richer off of our illnesses. If they cared about us they’d let us grow, simple as that. We’re just dollars to them. I’d rather give the money to my plug who actually likes me and doesn’t scam me.

  7. Just go to Michigan you only have to goto monroe, MI there's about 10 dispensaries in town there and ozs start as low as 69$ and its good they di deals on carts 8/100$ and concentratesc6-8/100$ depending on brands edibles 5/25$ bottom line and that's just recreational if you have med card its cheaper and most place cover the excise tax and they almost all accept ohio med cards

  8. I relate to this a lot. I see people talk about running out of days on here. That blows my mind a bit, I could never afford to use all my days lol. I want to tho! I can barely make it by but I have to capitalize on the deals they run. I never buy full price.

  9. You have to go when it’s on sale (20-30% off). When I first got my card I was buying all different strains in 2.83g jars, trying to find that magic strain. Once I found out the strains I liked, I would get 1/2 oz budlets or smalls on sale.

  10. I can't afford to re-up, but I feel it. Not only does it help with sleep and pain, it basically makes me able to do things. It's real pricey on our program. The whole process of re-upping is as well. Definitely thankful it exists, but still.

  11. Today I am dankrupt and it feels like it sounds. I hate it, but spend prob 2 to 3 days without medicine weekly...Nd I struggle thru those dankruptions so ungracefully.

  12. I refuse to pay Ohio's prices, I'd rather die. i95 to Detroit or have it shipped from a legal dispensary in Cali. They will never lower the prices because too many stupid people pay the prices. Grow a pair and make the Michigan trip their quality along with Cali makes this Ohio bud like brick weed. Selling Trim in oz's and halves, that's ridiculous, so god-damn greedy. I have my cannabis bud flown in. I would rather be tortured to death that to participate in Ohios greedy, sick and twisted medical program. Home-grown is always the best. Mike Dewine blows state troopers.

  13. Where do you get prices like that? Are theses indigent prices? Veteran prices? You can't say it's a good program if only a certain people are offered all those stacked discounts. Sale prices maybe would go that low if they had additional sales on old stock.

  14. So what happens if you get caught with Michigan cannabis in Ohio? I doubt your card will do much since it won’t have the proper labels. I love how everyone’s solution is to break federal laws.

  15. Go to Michigan, eventually OH will get it & the prices will go down, maybe, but only if we can get it elsewhere for a better price. The prices literally force you to find other means. 🤷‍♂️ This has nothing to do with quality, quality is amazing, the price is greed.

  16. Grow and press your own stuff. Fuck big brother, it's a plant and medicine. I literally got shot and gave one of my balls for this stupid fucking country. They doped me out with benzos and opiates and told me to figure it out. 7 suicide attempts and a slew of other health issues later cannabis and mushrooms gave me back my life and my sanity. If the government wants into my garden it will be defended in the same way they made us defend the poppy fields in Afghanistan for big pharma. I refuse to follow the arbitrary laws of the wealthy elite and you shouldn't either.

  17. It's sick. And I'm also glad you're able to cope better on mmj and share your experiences and exposing the corruption of what you went through.

  18. Depends what you get. But the top shelf in Michigan is definitely better then the top shelf in Ohio. And there's more variety. And edibles and concentrates are extremely less priced.

  19. Have you tried the Hemp derived route? CBD, D8, THCO, HHC route? You’re missing out my friend. Super cheap compared to dispo 🤷‍♂️

  20. The price of flower is waaaaaaaaaay too fucking high in Ohio !! My buddy in Florida gets 1/8 th's Not 1/10 th's of primo for 30 $ all the time from a disp. . I see the primo here @ 50$ for a tenth, that's 500 a zip.. NOBODY but us Ohio fools pay that... I heard there is a shortage of weed here.. Yeah right.. Not renewing my card, will buy of the street at half.

  21. I have said this since day one. The prices are crazy. Sadly the only way for the prices to come down is for all card holders to come together and boycott. If the dispensary’s see a drought and start sitting on product. They will pressure growers to come down on their prices. Buyers/Patients have all the control but people are to thirsty to hold out for the bigger goal sadly. We just need 2-4 months of collective pressure and things would change. Just a thought!

  22. I just grabbed 2 2.8 jars of 32% orange 43 for $61 total (practically 10/g) and a 78% .84 big head cart for $40. Prices without sales are super taxed but people complain like they didn’t know what they were getting into.

  23. I get shitty oz for $20 shitty but price good for 20 it's mids but I find if I get that it helps savor a few grams of the top shelf stuff for a good while.

  24. I bought a puffco vision and I medicate heavily for my MH issues, it's lasted longer, way more effective and I'm not.running through flower or vapes. Invest in a good dab pen/vaporizer it will be the best thing to help save in the long run rn. I feel way more medical benefits this way

  25. I only buy bulk packs of flower, on sale. Using a vaporizer helps conserve flower. I also mix in cbd flower which not only gives me the effects of CBD which I want, but it allows me to get more big vape rips from each bowl, which I enjoy. I never run out of days, and I actually have amassed quite a stockpile of flower.

  26. Invest in a nice concentrate rig or Vape device, I quit using flower and now I just dab little chunks of wax when I need them, saves a lot of money and it’s way more intense and euphoric of a high. I was spending nearly 200 a week on weed, I have now cut that in half and I feel a lot better about it. Lately I’ve been getting the Klutch Orange 43 diamonds and sauce 1.63 grams for 90 bucks out the door. Lasts me all week

  27. Not a medical card holder but my plug will trade product for just about anything he can flip and make money on. Really helps during this time,, and cleans some clutter out of the house

  28. Be careful I have a medical card but I make sure not to feel reliant. My brother was reliant and that lead to him not being able to afford weed and hopped on harder and cheaper drugs to get that feeling. He's been in rehab for 2 years now and graduates in june. So please be understanding on the concept you don't need it and your not reliant. And right now your asking about affording it. This is the gateway, we hear about.

  29. Most everything in dispensaries is hybrid. And if you look into the genetic of them. 95% are all indica leaning hybrids. There’s actually very few sativa dominant hybrids in this program.

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