Contaminate in my luster pod? Right above left side of leaf on logo. Should I be worried or contact? It’s definitely an object and not a scratch

  1. GO has had some issues with lusters lately. I think it's because CCell has been having QC problems IE plastics left in the pod from manufacturing. It was likely missed so I'd say reaching out to get it refunded is the main course of action. It's still GO's responsibility to catch this stuff so you calling it out does them a service. Screening the pods before filling needs to be a step in their process FOR SURE!. Good luck!

  2. It wouldn’t hurt to send them an email and see what they say, it does sort of look like the wicking material that’s inside of the column. I’ve only had one pod have a problem in the 1.5 years I’ve been in the program. It was actually a klutch pod that was cracked and leaking, but they took care of me. So I wouldn’t let this turn you off on Grow Ohio. I’m sure they will tell you whether or not it’s safe to use, and if not hopefully compensate you. Thankfully they are both companies that stand behind their products and support their patients. I have no bad experiences with any other brands either, BR Ancient Roots, I’ve just gone to luster pods 100% and only used klutch and grow Ohio.

  3. I've seen issues that seem to coincide with CCell increasing production of their luster pods. I wouldn't be surprised if that would be the main source of this problem. Leaking is kind of just always gonna happen for these just due to the issues inherent to the materials used. Dialing in viscosity of a new product is pretty challenging so I'm pretty forgiving with that but it's good they tend to replace.

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