My Mother’s Day gifts a day early I’m really happy. Any guesses on strain? It’s a good one!

  1. It really does it for me. I bought quite a few to. You know how it is when u find helpful meds in this program you better buy it all up.

  2. So how do you like the Blueberry Cupcakes? I purchased some as well and it kind of reminds me of their Lemon Cookies for some reason? Not a bad thing at all, just an observation. I put mine in a jar with a Boveda pack and it helped a lot. I agree with the Salty Watermelon, what a great strain! Such happy, uplifting effects. Chem OG is another great one by Firelands Scientific.

  3. Ice Cream Cake by Klutch? Also, not sure if it's the pic but that nug in the bottom left of the pile looks different than the rest. Maybe just my eyes 👀...

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