will we ever get Live Rosin Luster Pods?

  1. I’m pretty sure there’s a problem with 1g rosin vapes, all half gram Rosin products I’ve had worked great but as soon as I’ve got a 1g, it’s been defective half way thru.

  2. Agreed, I have had both, .5 & 1gr. rosin carts and the 1 gr. cart started having troubles half way thru. All of the .5 gr. rosin carts I have gotten from Firelands have been yummy all the way to the end. The Tropicana Banana was wonderful!

  3. I feel like all solventless carts get that burnt taste… not just Ohio companies. Have tried plenty of MI and CA solventless carts/pods and they all just suck.

  4. I know Firelands Scientific has live rosin carts. No pods, and mostly .5 gram. Usually around $50-60. I have not actually tried one yet, so I can't say how good they are or how well they work.

  5. Luster battery’s are by default set to a higher wattage than most 5.10 threaded batteries. Rosin would end burning and you wouldn’t even taste the terps. A lower wattage luster device catered towards oils meant for lower temperature(live resin and live rosin) would be the answer.

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