Does anyone in the program suffer from IBS ? What do you smoke on or eat? or do u stop when u get flare ups ?

  1. Which kind of ibs do you have? IBS-C,D, or M? If you have ibs d/m, I would stay away from high cbd. High thc low cbd is the way to go. If you have ibs c, maybe high thc AND high cbd. It really differs between every different plant and person. The only way to find out for yourself is through experience. Also, try looking for strains high in caryophyllene, pinene, limonene, myrcene and linalool. I’ve noticed they tend to help me more than others. These are also some of the most common so if you just grabbed something randomly of the shelf it’s most likely going to help your stomach NO MATTER WHAT. Unless that’s just me

  2. This is a good point/question. CBD can increase gut motility, so can be useful for constipation, whereas THC decreases gut motility and can help with diarrhea.

  3. I’m not entirely sure I deal with both C and D so maybe M but I have been having really bad gas effects in my organs for like some months now been to the doctor and most they did is give me some stuff for my constipation which helped but the gas still remains and it comes and goes and it hurts my lower guts and my solar plex area. Now I have been consuming more wax then usually as well as vapes. Do u have bad effects from these ?

  4. Super lemon dog worked well haven’t seen it in awhile. Catfish works well for me to both by klutch and sour blue diesel also was helpful by buckeye relief. Cbd oil drops help sometimes. And homemade bone broth has me under control atm.

  5. I have Crohn's and CBG really helps for me with cramping, urgency, nausea, etc. Tinctures work pretty fast, honey is good for major pain or flares, and gummies work longer for me.

  6. MCT oil is like draino on my pipes. I’ll paint a toilet bowel triple chocolate after a couple drops. So be careful with that “shit”.

  7. I smoke garlic cookies too & Electric Peanut butter has helped me so personally. I read on another thread that stuff with peanut butter helps

  8. Farnesene helps with all indigestion/intestinal illness, that terpene is found in a lot of gelato strains and crosses. Humulene has also helped me with my IBS as well a lot. That is a terpene found in abundance kind of unpredictably.

  9. I've made cannabutter with AVB and every time I eat something that contains it, it kills my stomach. Idk if it's edibles that irratate my IBS or the AVB.

  10. Gf uses hybrid/indica leaning vapes for instant relief, also can help with producing a poop. Lots of receptors in your stomach and gut lining

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