Tell me Ohio cares about “patients”

  1. I used to go here often. Then I waited in the rain for 20 min to get in one day and had enough. I now drive a few extra miles to go to Leaf Relief in Boardman.

  2. What do you think about Leaf Relief? I got some products from there and they weren’t very good and some of the products were the same as I’ve had at other dispensaries. This “medical program” needs a lot of help.

  3. I’d love to hear as well, everything Ive heard has been negative, such as menus never being updated etc. seems like a totally different process so I chalked up some of what I heard to personal preference.

  4. they could easily set up the texting "wait in line" system that bloom uses. so ridiculous for the elderly and ill to be in the rain

  5. When I was waiting in the rain one day , I came in and said the same thing. They replied with " the state won't let us because it would look too recreational."

  6. Oh it's definitely a broken system. Sad thing is G leaf jacked up their prices on Buckeye relief products for the sale cuz I was going to place a order until I saw the prices. I went to amplify on Wednesday when they had their 20% off (I get 40% due to stacking discounts because I'm indigent) on Buckeye Relief, well long story short on the prices I wanted to order another Delta shift and a couple carts because Gleaf having 20% off Buckeye relief today so I was thinking I would get close to the same price as I did at amplify(I saved $85 with my stacked discounts), well no not the case Gleaf charges $79 for the new Delta shift where amplify only charges $50🤯.

  7. Amplify is pulling serious bait and switch bullshit with their BR prices too. The Live Resin Badder raised from $48 to $64 and the Diamonds & Sauce from $105 to $140. That's 33%. I asked the rep simply if there was any reason for it and his response was basically "because we can." Felt pretty fucking disrespectful.

  8. That's sickening. In michigan you can walk right in and out in 15 minutes or less plus ounces are as low as 79 bucks

  9. You definitely don’t want to go there on a Buckeye Relief sale day. It’s ridiculous to save a lousy 20%. I purposely avoid big sale days. I’d rather pay more and not wait.

  10. It's not the state, it's the business owner. Pure Ohio Wellness in Dayton has two curbside pickup lines going at once. If you need to go inside instead, I think there are at least ten seats in the waiting room. If the waiting room is full, they have a covered porch area with seating, heating, and they even had it enclosed during winter. If the patio is full, the security guards will come and get you from your car. I spent a grand total of 10 minutes sitting in my car today at the dispensary and was on my way.

  11. Yea Pure OH is great for that. I refuse to go to any place where you have to stand outside. Places to avoid are Strawberry Fields Dayton and Sunnyside Cincinnati. Places that are better are Pure Ohio (drive thru pickup) and Verilife Cincinnati (no outdoor lines)

  12. I’m there now 🙄. Not to mention stripping us of our confidentiality by having to stand in line outside on a busy road.

  13. "hey, that's a long-ass line for some dope" is what I heard the last time I was there waiting in line, yelled from a car going by...

  14. It’s an Ohio problem in the sense that patients in this area do not have many options. Not everyone can drive an hour or more to get medicine.

  15. Despise dispos that operate like this. Any time the answer to overcrowding of patients is “have them wait outside in the rain/snow” you should have your operating license revoked

  16. Fine with me. I have a few more too. You can’t really see the lady in the wheel chair a few people in front of me in this shot. Tried to keep faces out of the pics as much as possible. Dm me and I can email them to you.

  17. If they did we would have home delivery already. And they would allow "caregivers" to homegrow for their patients rather than just be an errand boy.

  18. Ohio only cares about who's pockets get filled period... look at the lousy education funding ruled illegal by the Supreme Court 15 years ago, and it hasnt changed AT ALL!! Now the Republicans are desperately trying to stop a vote on recreational because it would mean their Corporation overlords wouldnt have the power to monopolize and take all the money... if you think republicans care about ppl, i have a bridge i want to sell you!!!

  19. They could at the very least have gone to Home Depot or Walmart and grabbed a commercial canopy tent. So sad! However it’s not Ohio’s fault, I’d say it is the gLeaf’s 💯

  20. they have to wait in line outside to get checked in one at a time and then be let into the waiting room inside before being called back to make their purchase. The last 2 times that I went and had to wait in line for at least 30 mins there was only ONE person checking people in, only two out of 5 or 6 cash registers going and a superfull employee parking lot out back, like where are all of the employees?!!!

  21. G Leaf imo is one of the worst dispensary to go to. Bloom in Painsville is the closest to me and they have the best deals

  22. There’s an abandoned DRIVE THROUGH BANK right next door. Lol. But ya know, that would cost money and permits so… stand in the rain and get splashed by passing cars it is! Lol

  23. "lets watch all these dumbasses stand out in the rain for weed " 😂 ohio could be better in many aspects. pure ohio wellness has little porches built off the side with heaters when its cold. Atleast they tried .

  24. Hey, they got cones up... What more do you need? Proper areas for people to stand and receive their medicine out of the weather? They barely eek out a living as it is, why are you trying to cut into their 300% profit margin? 🙄. Poor fellas and ladies who run it might not have that extra waxing on their boat if they do all that and simply give a larger standing area indoors.

  25. Some dispos do some don't. I can tell you GLeaf is like this every day. Their staff doesn't care if you wait in cold rain sleet thunderstorms not a thing will make them move with any sense of urgency. On a better note I visited Amplify on 4/20 and I was in and out faster than a regular day at GLeaf.

  26. I think a considerable number of their staff DO care but they are understaffed etc because that’s the way “corp” has it set up. Some of the people, especially the ones that have been there since they opened, DO care but you can see their frustrations with how things are operating.

  27. Never waited like that at cy+ wintersville...maybe 1 or 2 people outside a lobby door waiting to check in , but they have a indoor waiting room, not that I've even really sat in it much either. Usually in and out , and if it takes longer its cause I talk shit with the sales people.

  28. Ya that's about normal everywhere!! It's so incredible how we can't reliable meds month to month might be 28 % thc last week but 21% the next if you can even get it bc dispo out.. we deserve better our program needs help

  29. Columbia Care Monroe is shitty as well, online night before preorders only, time slots are a half hour for pickup often time slots are already gone or don't appear on the website even at 7pm the day prior. Website doesn't have accurate sale discounts for following days order. Then if you get a preorder and arrive you'll be greeted with a sign "no add-ons to preorders" however they may sell your preorder to someone else and tell you they're out of stock. Employees are nice but it's horribly managed like most fast food joints. Getting your medicine from Columbia Care Monroe is like trying to get a concert ticket.

  30. I placed an order today at 3am to pickup at 10:45 am time slot at another Columbia Care. They open at 10. It was my first pickup and last pickup experience. Twelve and they still hadn't processed or acknowledges yet. I gave up and cancelled it. I am lucky I'm only 15 ish minutes away, but I have met people who drive over 2 hours bc this is the closest dispensary to them. From now on I am back to just walk ins.

  31. Yes, the republican legislature is aware of the problem and are proposing a new law that will make it illegal to provide any type of food or drinks to anyone standing in line. That should FIX things lol.

  32. It’s infuriating to see elderly and or people obviously handicapped made to wait in line, in the rain and snow to pick up a preorder! Don’t get me wrong there are some excellent people that work here but it’s obvious that they are understaffed and mismanaged. There are 6 registers, only 2 in use most of the time. They are making plenty of money, they just choose profits over patients. It’s disgusting and should be criminal. This is a medical program, everything is grossly over priced AND in lower quantities and percentages than other states and this is how patients are treated like this? They should be ashamed.

  33. I’m going to keep putting this out here- cannabis industry employees- and even patients who want their input to matter- I’m putting together monthly meet ups. Some in person, some online so all of us from all over the state can participate in a think tank and take some action.

  34. the employee parking lot out back is always jammed packed with cars but I only see one person checking patients in another with the waitlist to call you back and two cashiers, so where are all the other employees? Do they need them ALL in the back to get orders ready? Something just isn't managed very well there.

  35. this is why i consider it nothing more than a rec program with limits; its so easy to get a med card its not even funny; you can qualify for any sort of pain, or with IBS, which isn't even easily proven

  36. I was just talking to the one guy that was at the front desk yesterday and he said they have been trying to find people, but no one will come to work. I dunno how true that is, as I can't imagine not wanting to work around weed all day. It could definitely be managed much better tho, either way.

  37. What’s your solution? They can’t move to a bigger building with a larger waiting area because licenses are tied to the physical locations of the dispensary. And it takes months for the state to approve any changes to floor plan.

  38. This is another issue with limited licenses. There needs to be a cap for sure, but assholes like this run their medical dispensary like a rec store.

  39. Yeah, I mean the staff seems nice enough, just overwhelmed. At least half of the times I go, they got one person up front and one register open. I've never seen more than two registers active at once though. And when the guy in front of you adds a ton of stuff (OK, so sometimes I'm that guy) it really jams the whole thing up even worse.

  40. How the fuck do they not have a waiting lobby inside? The one In Marion literally has a room you just sit in before going to the back idk wtfff kinda places you people are going to but you’re fucking up lol. Sorry I know the location struggle more than any bc I can only go to Marion to but seriously man we’ve never had a single issue of waiting outside at all let alone being screwed in the rain or snow like I see on here

  41. Two lobbies. The first one, only two people are allowed in at a time. Then you get admitted to lobby number two where you can wait anywhere from 10-45 mins… for an order that was placed the night before and confirmed filled and ready for your pick up time. If your lucky they’ll even have all the items you ordered! lol

  42. I was at Sunnyside cincy the other day when the network went down and the douchbag behind the counter said, "yay I hope its down all day!". I've yet to come across a dispensary worker happy to hand you your medicine. I didnt knock him tho because I'm sure they're not sharing a fraction of the bud profit with a simpleton employee.

  43. its a job with no benefits or discounts bro i would imagine they are no more happy to hand you your weed than the guy at mcdonalds handing you your big mac

  44. That’s what we are saying. The dispos treat their people like garbage. I’ll put this out here again- DISPENSARY EMPLOYEES OR INDUSTRY EMPLOYEES-

  45. I'm always there at my selected time and I'm sure that I'm not the only patient that is punctual, that being said having to wait outside for 30 minutes before I even get to check in makes me and the other 15 patients that must have the same check-in time late. that's on GLeaf. Just one person checking patients in when there are long lines is part of the problem.

  46. Gleaf has time spots, none of there patients pick up during the selected time slot. Instead of turning them away saying they missed there pick up time, they let them get in line. So everyone needs to go at the selected time!! Or gleaf needs to start turning away those who show up late. One or the other.

  47. I have waited as long as 30 mins outside in the pouring rain at this place. They have daily deals so it’s worth the wait some days. 🤣 some days not so much

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