There is an issue with the current Luster Pods (from the manufacture) - Watch out for the coil releasing black stuff.

  1. “Last bit” That’s like a quarter pod.. They should have atleast offered a quarter refund if not better; especially when they even suggest not to mess with it; takes nothing from them.. That’s not customer service.. I’d respond back; like that’s not the end of this/gonna work for me.. Let me talk to a higher up; not the gate keeper’s to the higher ups.. Give me somebody that’s gonna do something about this.. this is why some people have to resort to shit fits; cause they aren’t treated right to begin with.. frustrating to even watch from the sidelines; hell I’ll respond back for you;)

  2. It’s above the holes to me yes that more then the last Bit . After work tomorrow I’m planning on what to say back to them .

  3. Really sad. I thought butterfly effect were one of the good ones. Very disappointed by the response. Going Firelands for lusters from now on.

  4. This is because the viscosity of the oil and the voltage of the battery are not compatible. People power hitting them makes it worse. They need to make a variable voltage luster battery

  5. I've been asking for an adjustable luster battery for a while. Not sure why it can't be done. They probably want us burning through the oil quicker so we buy more lol

  6. I’ve gone through about 25-30 lusters now, mostly GrowOhio, I don’t power hit, & I’ve never had any of the issues described by the OP.

  7. I’ve always preferred grow ohio’s pods until recently, but having just had two burnt layer cake LR pods it’s gonna be klutch pods only for me. Edit: I’ve tried 3 of the klutch LR pods so far because they’re more easily available and they all worked exactly the same from full until empty - no issues at all.

  8. If they are not refunding ( cultivation) or dispensary then the refunds and REASONS why are not caught by the BOP, so they can’t demand a recall without information. Call the BOP when there is a faulty product, it will fix it fast. If BOE sees a trend on certain products then they look into it

  9. Damn really? I just tried the blackjack and layer cake live resin pods this week and they worked great for me.

  10. Had a tcc pod that leaked like this but it was as soon as I opened it. Only issue I ever had with any product. Got an ecard refund the next day . It sucks because sometimes I stock up during sales and don't open them immediately and check all the time. I've been lucky so far but I'm going to start even if I'm not getting to it right away.

  11. I have not had an issue with klutch but only one time with grow ohio pod and the galenas pod. Ive noticed its happened when i had a pod lasting a while. I usually have 2-3 pods going at once so they last me weeks (different terps/strains for how im feeling).

  12. O shit wait so I had a cart that I keep for a couple weeks and it does this it leaks werid stuff and tast like I’m inhaling it dry is that the same?

  13. Ive had a few issues with luster pods being assembled incorrectly causing issues. I have a few i can send pics of if you wanted. GO layer cake had a pod that wasnt fully pressed together and ive had another where the "inside seal" just under the mouthpiece wasn't seated flat and caused the pod to leak. I have yet to have any issues reguarding black oozing from the coil. A klutch pod needed wiggled at times in order for the contact points to connect which was weird. Ive noticed oil flooding the coil on pods frequently which will cause the clogged issue as well

  14. sorry dude don't finish that med, it won't taste good and you won't get the full effects (it's your medicine but now it's ruined, so sad, but not our bad)

  15. Based off my experience with Vapes in general, it looks like some kind of oxidation. Whether it’s happening in the oil or the heating element is anyone’s guess though.

  16. Why is certified mentioned in the post when this is grow Ohio? Haven't seen anything about Certified luster pods messaged ng up

  17. Just picked up the Super Lemon Haze Luster and 4 other Grow Ohio 510s.. looking forward to the black oil , yay. To add, I’ve had multiple 510s so this, def an oxidation which is a result of over temp and high viscosity, agree with those statements.

  18. This has been a problem since day 1. High voltage batteries for these pods. Ontop of “10 second draw”.. granted I hope no one really hits their luster more than 5 seconds but that should be the max.

  19. They are charging entirely too much money to be using faulty/half assed materials… it’s absolutely astonishing that people continue to praise this company … they are not as good as advertised.. been in this program 2 years and I only buy Klutch and Buckeye Relief products. Everyone else isn’t worth my HARD EARNED money 🤷🏻‍♂️

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