Maybe Ohio needs to work on the cost and potency of edibles too?

  1. Remember when everyone was against the recreational bill because it would set up a monopoly (oligopoly) and instead we ended up with a limited access medical program that is a total oligopoly?

  2. I get what you're trying to say here, but I think what is sadly apparent is, the oligopoly part was non-negotiable. :/

  3. That’s the first thing I think when I hit the border- “all this tax money I give these people and they can’t smooth out the damn highway!”

  4. OHIO really f**ked up not legalizing when Michigan did, lots of lost revenue and have fallen years behind! The smart politicians already know this, but there's just to few of those out there!!!

  5. I love that there’s a tiny town right on the Ohio border with 3 dispensaries. Like do they really believe the 300 residents are supporting all these dispensaries?

  6. people keep mentioning how far ahead they are and all that…cool. we know. we’re still tired of these damn prices 😂 it’s outrageous regardless.

  7. Yeah it makes it sound like we need to figure out the industry and regulatory framework from scratch but we have numerous roadmaps now

  8. Ok, so don't buy it then. Problem solved. Or go move to a cheaper state... By how people talk on how they've saved so much buying weed there than here, you could buy 2 houses up north 🙄

  9. As well as flower. I used to be one of the ones saying Ohio wasn’t to bad compare to Michigan when it comes to flower. Then I found a good caregiver. But even without the caregiver prices have gone down so much on flower in the last year that they truly are killing us when it comes to flower also. And I’m not talking about the $60 ounces. If you look you can find very solid stuff that compares to anything we have for under $200 an ounce out of the dispos.

  10. It’s just the brand wana, they’re really popular out west hence the crazy prices but honestly the best edibles I’ve had. I’m in fl and we’re only about 5 bucks cheaper than you. I will say ohios medical market is horrible all around

  11. You mean a state with a 10 year head start on us and a state that has 600+ more dispensaries than us has cheaper prices? No way!

  12. It's not the dispensaries. We need more cultivators and processors and the ones currently operational need to be able to expand as well. There's not enough competition or product. But prices should absolutely be coming down, especially with the large companies.

  13. How DARE people want the program improved, they should just bend the knee and be thankful our overlords allow us this insane privilege of possessing a plant.

  14. So instead of learning from others they just go all willy nilly on us to fill their pockets? Got ya… of buckeye relief spotted guys 😂

  15. Guys look at Herbology in River Rouge, MI. They always have specials for 5 packs of 100mg gummies for $30. Can’t beat it. Not to mention ounces 2 for $100

  16. 1:2? Nahh I’m good fam lol. I got a 2 gram vape of Cbn/cbd/thc for $30 online I’ll never need to buy any cbd or cbn for a long while lol save more money for wax and rso. Maybe some bud if I need my tolerance to drop

  17. Maybe if there was actual competition instead of lottery winners built into the framework lmao. Republicans in Ohio don't even pretend to like free markets.

  18. No one who makes these kinds of decisions will ever read your angry memes. Every day you make this sub hostile by constantly reprimanding the wrong people.

  19. the joke is on the ohioans who waste all their time on ohio marijuana reddit. i have moved over to michigents and have all but given up my dear ohio residency.

  20. If anyone has gone down the D8, THCO, HHC route with Hemp noids, I highly recommend. As well as CBD flower not from a dispo. There are some very good reputable companies out there in the hemp industry that have made my wallet love me again 😂

  21. Personally, I find that the cost of edibles and potency are fine 🤷🏻‍♂️ Using gas to drive to get cheaper products doesn’t save you money lol

  22. Yeah the people in here who drive to Michigan to take a stand against ohios prices just do it out of spite because I’m willing to bet anyone taking an 8 hour round trip with these gas prices is definitely not saving any money and also wasting a bunch of time and definitely aren’t getting much of a better product if at all.

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