Don’t feel like doing life today? Vape yourself into nothing but euphoric happiness, focus, and motivation with TII Super Lemon Haze (SLH). Beware! This is a hard pipe hitting mothfucka that will give you hardcore anxiety if you’re new to the game. Peace, love, and happiness homies.

  1. It's good heady potent bud..why stigmatize it with the A word...good for adult ADHD....anxiety, and will get you stoned for 2.5 to 3 hours ,,,long enough between arriving to work until your 9:30 break to vape again....good price usually too.

  2. Definitely don’t want to stigmatize. Just warning beginning users that it can cause anxiety at high doses for new users.

  3. Man two people next to me by the cashiers were getting this strain and while it sounds and seems great $80 for 5.66g is something I cannot do, lm not tryna be an ass just saying that extra $30 is outrageous imo

  4. SLH was my very first strain I tried. This stuff is super strong. Took a couple bong rips and had a massive panic attack the first time I tried it haha.

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