Galenas in MI VS Galenas in OH - What makes the difference in cost of the medication to the patient? What do we do to fix this problem?

  1. or the powers that be say "oh they are not buying marijuana, so it looks like they don't think its medicine after all! we were right all along!"

  2. I was up there a month ago for Hash Bash. Spoke to their reps....never saw such a "we fucking know shhhhhhh" smirk as well placed as their ever! They they know.

  3. you've got to be fucking kidding me!!!!!! 1. I thought that Galenas was an Ohio only company 2. you've got to be fucking kidding me!!! $8.00 a gram, $25.00 for 3.5g, tears are falling, $95.00 for 1/2 oz, omg, and $180.00 for one ounce and these aren't even ''popcorn'' prices. Right now available at a dispensary near you is a lovely 2.83g size of "popcorn" for ''only'' $43.00!!!!!!!!

  4. That is quite the price difference, and only a state away is quite the slap in the face considering Ohio made that company so MUCH money getting taxed repeatedly with these rinky dink 2.83s for $45 plus tax. Very disrespectful on their part!! As if people don't scan menus... smh

  5. Move. Haha. This cash cow will never fix itself. The state will milk this mother f’r as long as it damn well sees fit.

  6. This is another example of the "it's better than nothing" crowd making things difficult by just paying for whatever they give us... go ahead, downvote me again for saying it. It'll sink in sooner or later.

  7. I find the "it's better than nothing" crowd exhausting and also very confusing, and I'm definitely not a part of that crowd. But what are we meant to do other than pay for whatever they give us? I don't have the time or the desire to drive several hours one way to Michigan, and I also can't afford to buy enough at one time to make that kind of trip worth my while. As annoying as those people are, they didn't make the laws and they're not the reason why it is the way it is.

  8. What’s the alternative for people who are using this for actual medical reasons? Not everyone is physically or financially able to drive hours to Michigan or drop a grand on a stockpile of medicine. Not everyone has great street plugs with variety that suit their medical needs.

  9. Bro no offense but I’m not driving 5 hours (10hours round trip) to Michigan just for weed that’s just as good (sometimes it’s brown and dry, not even worth it), and I’m not buying boof off the dude across the street. Maybe get your money up and price won’t be a problem lol

  10. There's nothing that can be done about it. It's not a bug, it's a feature. Like all companies, Galenas will charge as much as they possibly can. And "as much as they possibly can" is a much higher number in Ohio, because competition is not allowed. The one and only way that Ohio lawmakers would ever allow legal cannabis is if they could ensure that they and their buddies got unfathomably rich from it, and that no one else would be allowed to come along and offer lower prices and ruin their racket. So that's what they did. They're not about to be giving it up. Everyone wins, except for the patient. And we're just loser druggies to them, so they don't care if we lose. It just makes it even better for them, really.

  11. There certainly is something you can do about it. Get involved if you’re able to or at least make sure you sign the petition to get the current bill on the ballot when Ohio legislature doesn’t meet the timeline to bring It to a vote. DeWine already said he’ll veto it if it gets to his desk. We have to get it on the ballot for we the people to choose. Their is very high confidence that they will get the signatures needed and confident it will pass if put in front of the voters in November. The bill will allow adult use and personal grow up to 6 plants per adult, Max 12 plants older household. This will make a big difference!!

  12. Seriously? Every medical MJ patient should take the survey. They’re giving us the opportunity for feedback on the program in a very easy format. It’s the minimum people should be doing. They’re definitely not going to do anything if people only voice their opinion on Reddit.

  13. Lmao $95 for a half..... Wow. Well, I guess they charge as much as they do because they can and we buy it. Ugh, I hate it here.

  14. I wonder if board members and investors have similar meeting in contrast… over thier investment payout and profit margins.

  15. It's not that easy for a lot of people, it's also a federal crime to take it across state lines. I understand that the risk of being caught is low but some people can't or won't take that risk.

  16. Remember prices in Michigan when they just started? Give it time. Program is still young, and the state still has money to make.

  17. I’d be curious to see the differences in quality. Ohio’s standards are a little more stringent. But that being said, it’s most likely greed lol. Nobody has come in and under cut prices yet so why would they lower them?

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